Bruin Legends: Cade McNown

I know–kicking them while they’re down, etc etc….whatever; this is too good to not share:

Someone on the sidelines of UCLA-USC a few years back, tells Cade McNown he sucks. Cade responds with “who said that?” and starts looking for a fight. Up to this point, nothing new (we all saw this very thing transpire more than a couple times, because making fun of Cade is just too much fun).

But then, it gets good–a drunken Trojan fan stands up to the former Bruin hero and Chicago Bear/49er burnout. Water bottles are thrown. Hilarity ensues:

Cade McNown takes his somewhat empty water bottle and THROWS IT AT ME! I catch it and, without skipping a beat, yell “That’s the first completion you’ve had in a year!” then — and while it’s great in retrospect, I still can’t believe how stupid it was — I throw the bottle back at him. The bottle goes end-over-end, causing some water to fly out and hit McNown in the chest. He’s shocked. I’m shocked. Everyone in the section was shocked. I thought “Fuck, I’m going to jail,” and McNown walks up to the Event Staff security guard who was standing right there. He tells him to arrest me, throw me out. The security guard just stands there. McNown then pulls the “Don’t you know who I am?” card, but the guard says “You threw the bottle first.”

McNown flips me the bird and walks off as the USC fans in the section absolutely erupt with cheers.

Make sure you read the whole story, over at Deadspin. I’m pretty sure I’m making it my Christmas card.

Kyle Bunch

Partnerships for R/GA Ventures. Raised in California, adopted by Texas. Opinions expressed here are mine and they are fantastic.

8 thoughts on “Bruin Legends: Cade McNown

  1. No way that happened! First the security would go after you and protect Cade. Second Cade McNown is a good christian and a sweet guy he would never act like that. Your just jelious you are not a hot stud QB like Cade. Cade was the man who you loved to hang out with andd who all the ladies wanted in thier beds. Cade was the stud babe, of UCLA!! You are a lying little crap!!

  2. please, lady. save it

    I’m a USC and Chi Bears fan. that loser is probably the worst 1st round pick we ever made!! I almost cried the day we drafted him!

    even Cade knows he sucks!!! glad this story exposed the truth

  3. Hot off the press from SUC, OOPS usc, the Upholstery School of Compton.
    Your parents raised you better than DAT…. then again Not, you probably don’t even know who they are. Throwing your milk bottles and all that
    mommy’s boy stuff.
    Next time, pull your pants down before you southern cal idoits talk. That way we can all hear you better as your talking out of your A S -.

    At UCLA we dominate you academically and athletically. Don’t make fun of our athletes, but rather your dads who are bankrupt from placing you through the most pathetically over priced and mediocre education in collegiate history.

    Oh and get a new mascot. a condom doesn’t suit the NCAA TROJAN BOY.

  4. I actually remeber watching that on TV
    hahahahaha i was laughing so hard i went through the floor of my house!!!!
    fuck Cade McNown
    You gave the number 8 a curse
    so i say fuck you for wearing number 8
    which Rex wore

  5. I actually remeber watching that on TV
    hahahahaha i was laughing so hard i went through the floor of my house!!!!
    god watching him as a Bear was horrifying
    good ridance to bad attitude

  6. I work in the USC Athletic Dept. and I can tell you that from Pete Carroll to his staff on down to the lowest Frosh on campus that this story is simply not true. I know half of the people that sat in that “so called” section where this “allegedly” happened. Everyone claims this never happened. People saw McNown on the sidelines and booed, but that was it. No bottles where ever thrown at him and he had nothing to say to the fans. This idiot is obviously a poser just trying to get attention foe his loser life. Nobody at USC ever liked McNown, but it is time to put this “BS Story” to bed. Get over with it, loser. This never happened!

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