Sunday Beefy Sunday

Delicious Lawry's Prime RibThe Trojans took their turn in The Beef Bowl at Lawry’s Beverly Hills tonight, to dine on all the beef they can stuff themselves with.

The Beef Bowl is an annual Rose Bowl tradition dating back 50 years, where both teams come and dine on all the beef they can, and they actually announce a winner at the end of it all. (The Longhorns took their turn dining at Lawry’s on Friday night.) Honestly, does it get any better than two teams of oversized athletes competing to see who can consume more beef?

We don’t have any first-hand reports to confirm a winner yet, or any photos/video to document the event. But we have eaten at Lawry’s a lot, and we’ve seen the crowds following the Trojans around town, so we can help set the scene — A rainy Los Angeles night…all of USC’s team arriving in buses at Lawry’s in Beverly Hills on La Cienega…a bunch of media waiting, inside and outside of the building….huge throngs of people welcoming the Trojans outside the building…and LOTS and LOTS of delicious beef (that looks a lot like the picture to the right) welcoming them inside.

UPDATE: The rain may have deterred us, but not Inside USC — they’ve got video of Matt Leinart, Pete Carroll, and delicious prime rib. Gotta love the performance by the rookie of the year field reporters at Inside USC. Keep it coming.

Also from tonight’s event–Inside USC has video of Reggie Bush being quizzed about the Texans, who clinched the first pick in the 2006 NFL Draft earlier Sunday.

What does Reggie have to say about the prospect of playing in Texas? He knows that Texas doesn’t have any income tax.

Spoken like a true Trojan, Reggie.

Kyle Bunch

Partnerships for R/GA Ventures. Raised in California, adopted by Texas. Opinions expressed here are mine and they are fantastic.

3 thoughts on “Sunday Beefy Sunday

  1. Lawry’s quit keeping “score” after last year to answer criticism that players were over-eating. Neither the Cotton Bowl Beef Bowl @ Lawry’s in Dallas or the Rose Bowl Beef Bowl in Hollywood would release any numbers.

  2. I saw on the local news this morning–they said it was a dead-even tie–that both teams at 740 lbs of beef…which smells pretty fishy to me.

    I’d imagine they announced a tie, rather than make a big deal of the fact they did not keep “score”.

    TrojanWire will try and dig deeper on this–we’re looking at satellite photos as we speak. Stay tuned.

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