FLASHBACK: Reggie vs. Fresno State

Since the season is over, signing day has passed, and the NFL draft is still 2 months away, we thought we’d fill some time here at TrojanWire with some flashback video — kicking things off today is Reggie Bush’s insane run against Fresno State at the Coliseum in November 2005:

Kyle Bunch

Partnerships for R/GA Ventures. Raised in California, adopted by Texas. Opinions expressed here are mine and they are fantastic.

16 thoughts on “FLASHBACK: Reggie vs. Fresno State

  1. Will be any thing from the game against the University of Texas?I think it would be great to see one more Vince Young run

  2. hmm notice how once you enter the site it says the fans guide to USC football at the top of the page
    gaawww dumb people

  3. Ok glad to say my favorite team just happens to be the University of Texas sorry that they beat yall in football also we would beat yall in baseball and basketball so keep that in mind
    and Hook’em

  4. Hoops yeah we never had a hoops team… baseball i’m sorry when we match up just remember to watch how bad you get your ass kick, Football we reload and rock and roll…next!

  5. Yeah we have always had hoops…Baseball we have two College World series trophys in the case from the past what 5 years and once we got runner up which is not half bad.Then football how do you reload after all the stars yall lost? I think thats going to take another 5 years and then yall don’t have the trophy this year do ya?
    What now? Thinking you’re all big and bad whoa whoa! hell no

  6. Don’t bet your house on that! what most folks fail to believe is no matter who’s gone in this system we reload and press on i feel bad for the next team that face them again “I know say what you will”! But watch and learn sonny it won’t be pretty!

  7. Hey my name is jamie Bender and Im from mississippi in I LOVE Reggie Bush he is my rode model and who ever gets this messgae can you guys please tell him to me my e-mail adress is dotsgrl4sho@yahoo.com I’m 16 and im da starting RB for Raleigh High School im in da tenth grade and i would love for Reggie Bush to recieve this message! Thanks Reggie

  8. OK!!!!!! so if you pause this video at about the five second mark you’ll clearly see that Reggie stepped outt of bounds. All 90,000 USC fans their that day knew you lost that game!!!!!!

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