Monday Morning QB: 09.18.06

Pete Carroll hosted his first second Monday Morning Quarterback Luncheon of the 2006 season to a packed house.

He talked about Powdrell’s injury being terrible and how they had to actually set the ankle on the field. He will have a full recovery but it will take a while and they have an outside chance of getting a 6th year for him.


Brandon Hancock also spoke on Powdrell’s replacement, saying that Stanley Havili has the most upside, but they are calling Mike Brittingham the human torpedo.

On the Husker touchdown it appeared as if Sartz was held on the play but it was not called. Carroll loved the fans in the stadium chanting, “Holding! Holding!”

The Huskers managed to stay close because of their conservative playing, and the refusal to give up the ball. The Trojans only managed one turnover, but had several called back because of penalties.

Monday Morning Quarterback Report []

Kyle Bunch

Partnerships for R/GA Ventures. Raised in California, adopted by Texas. Opinions expressed here are mine and they are fantastic.

One thought on “Monday Morning QB: 09.18.06

  1. Uh, it was the SECOND Monday morning quarterback luncheon… but it was packed more than the first.

    and even after, we’re still all scratching our heads as to why Callahan’s “exciting” West Coast Offense… looked so much like the Huskers we’ve seen for decades.. power run, power run, pass when desperate…. so where was this “wide open” offense he’s been working on for years?

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