Whaaa Happened?

Jonathan Stewart, Oregon’s running back, who threw a stiff arm that knocked Cary Harris into another time zone, says that USC is missing determination.

“When they were beating people, they had a swagger when they went on the field. It’s missing a little bit, like they’ve been wounded a bit. They have plenty of playmakers, but when they had Reggie Bush and those guys they had a determination.”

USC is now missing a national title hope too. A long shot, but USC could still win the Pac-10 title if Oregon loses 2 of its final 4 conference games.

Otherwise, USC fans are rooting for Oregon to play in the national title game so USC could have a chance to play in the Rose Bowl.

Time to reminisce about better times…

Kyle Bunch

Partnerships for R/GA Ventures. Raised in California, adopted by Texas. Opinions expressed here are mine and they are fantastic.

3 thoughts on “Whaaa Happened?

  1. Swagger? That was lost when Sark sent in that bonehead play on 4th down. They could have 3 zip in the opening minutes. Norm…what is it gonna take $$ to bring you home?? Pete…please call the O State game. Anything is better than the Sark screw ups.

    Also time for some tough corny dicipline such as two fellows carrying a green helmet with a yellow O on it by the face mask for all of this week.

  2. Completely agreed. All this fabulous recruiting and one hell of a talented team wasted on terrible play calling by boring, conservative, don’t know what to do with all this talent Sarkisian. Get him the hell out of there already. It’s been long overdue and I know a hell of a lot of Trojans that feel the same. Oregon beat us, how? Chip Kelly knows how to use every single Duck to the best of each one’s ability, he’s not afraid to call trick plays, and he knows when to go (and when not to) on 4th and few and who to send in. He knows his players and their talent. They were exciting to watch. Sarkisian should either take note or leave. Chow, we really miss you.

  3. Forget Chow, he’s not coming back to USC. Find another hungry tiger for the O-Cord spot. While their at it, fire that SOB D-Cord. He sucks also.

    The last game was a suck suck scheme on the D side. Number 10 should never leave the field. If he does, only #47 should be sent in to replace. The talent was not utilized by putting a scheme that placed helmets on the QB! That QB should have been running for his dear life in Oregon. Suck coach. Did you love watching him run around?

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