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If you happened to be watching the USC-UCLA nationally televised game back in 1971, you might remember this beautiful moment. The Trojan Knights caught national attention when they orchestrated this well organized card-stunt, which originally read “Why do people go to UCLA? WESTWOOD SUCKS…them In!” But as fate would have it, “WESTWOOD SUCKS” was the only part that was broadcast.

Well to their credit, years later UCLA students rallied together to come back with a student organized card-message of their own.



One thought on “WESTWOOD SUCKS!

  1. I was in the crowd and the Pres of Trojan knights was my fraternity brother. Kodak paid Trojan Knights $1,000 to add the ”Kodak film box’ to the end of the stunts. The Knights condensed the infamous card stunt from 7 flips to 6 flips, to accomodate kodak. The condensing resulted in Westwood and sucks going from separate flips to the same flip. Then ABC cut away, without finishing the sequence. Kodak did not get its box on ABC. Needless to say the fur flied in Pres Hubbard’s office. but it was well worth it

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