Coach O Promoted

Ed Orgeron has been promoted to assistant head coach. He is filling the role previously occupied by Monte Kiffin. He will still remain the recruiting coordinator.

Here is Coach O talking about his role with the team:

“One of the reasons I came back to ‘SC is that Lane involves me in most of the decision-making process with the football team. In that role, I’m very comfortable at USC.”


4 thoughts on “Coach O Promoted

  1. Hi Trojan fans,Well folks this guy from tam looks 35 years old a freshmen!? this guy is a ringer been around awhile !? this guy will not be around long there will be a story on that!!!!???A farce!!!!!!!!!!!Sincerely, Edward

  2. Hi Trojan folks, word to kessler give the youngester 3 cups of green tea a day and mix hydrogen peroxide in filtered water 1 capefull to 6 capefulls of water mix and drink on a empty stomach each day !?allow one hour before eating !?Instead of putting your name in the paper and doing and being useless!!!???Do it who will reap benefits from it not ink!!!!???Sincerely, Edward

  3. Hi Trojan Fans,Look at sanchez a bumb loser carroll knows whats best!?Usc will go no where until kiffin is out and he is relaced by someone alot better at coaching he is a idiot!? Merry Christmas to all my fans that are non pagan or evil like jews for emample!? Sincerely, Edward

  4. Hi Trojan Fans,well this guy robey is junior high player who is he kidding!?Farmer needs to take his act elsewhere yikes!!!!!??/Sincerely, Edward

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