IT WAS A BEAUTIFUL DREAM: Boise State will not have the privilege of getting crushed by Auburn or Oregon in the BCS Championship after losing 34-31 against Nevada in overtime last night.

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BlogPoll: Week 3 Ballot

Here’s our latest ballot for the SB Nation BlogPoll. Lots of movement based on lots of comparative assumptions; next couple weeks will help figure a lot out, for now it’s a lot of speculating based on a whopping two results for everyone. The one big trend we can call out — with every additional quarter […]

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BlogPoll: Preseason (Week 1) Ballot

TrojanWire is proud to be back in the BlogPoll for 2010. As part of this weekly ritual, we’ll be posting our ballot every Monday, and giving you the chance to provide your input. Then on Wednesday morning, we’ll cast a ballot that represents the views of the entire TrojanWire readership. That being said, this first […]

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