percolatehq: Today we’ve raised $9M from GGV Capital and First Round to help brands create content at social scale #NYCTech (via Percolate Raises $9 Million Series A to Help Brands Create Content | Digital – Advertising Age) Congrats to Noah, James and the Percolate crew.

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Films offered on Netflix lose value rapidly. Some cable and broadcasters won’t go near title once Netflix begins streaming it. Netflix takes the scarcity out of the equation, one film industry insider said. People can watch any of the service’s commercial-free films and shows anytime they want.

The prevailing feeling among the studio managers I spoke with is that Netflix’s streaming service will be a good outlet for the least-valuable material. If they have their way, Netflix will be the Internet equivalent of a swap meet, where only the most dated and least popular titles are available. The studios are betting that eventually people will get bored with the service.


For the short term future, it’s likely that most of the “smart money” in the news/advertising business will continue to back ventures that offer 21st century tweaks on 20th century business models. But as the paywall movement fades into a footnote, ad-dependent start-ups like TBD fold into obscurity and cheap cons such as Demand Media collapse like pyramid schemes, an opportunity emerges. Who will imagine the ways to convert reported information into valuable data products? Who will fund the development of the tools that make such products possible and profitable?