Ken Norton, Jr: Adopted Trojan

Bill Plaschke sticks a big finger in the Bruin wounds this morning, ripping UCLA for not hiring Ken Norton, Jr:

His name is Ken Norton Jr., and not even an all-day whipping on Saturday would hurt some Bruin fans as much as the sight of him standing on the Rose Bowl sideline wearing cardinal and gold.

Adding further insult to injury, Plaschke heaps praise on the Trojans for having the presence of mind to hire the former All-Pro linebacker who starred for the Bruins before going on to NFL success with the Dallas Cowboys and San Francisco 49ers.

Then just to make sure he’s crushed every Bruin heart in the Southland, he launches into this incredibly unflattering comparison of the two programs:

Even with former player and current Coach Karl Dorrell promising change, the Bruins are slow to embrace the bright parts of their football legacy, while the Trojans squeeze every ounce out of theirs.

Bruin success is often fleeting and forgotten, as if it were a mistake, while Trojan success is expected and enriched.

Can you imagine USC � where one bumps into former players in every
corner of campus � allowing someone like Norton to walk to the other
side of town?

We’ve never had any love lost for Bill Plaschke here at TrojanWire; but that’s never stopped us from reveling in some Bruin-ripping, has it?

Enemy Lines [L.A. Times]

Kyle Bunch

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One thought on “Ken Norton, Jr: Adopted Trojan

  1. Hey the article you linked to is about Eric McNeal’s game winning interception in 2006 to preserve a 13-9 BRUIN victory.

    GO BRUINS!!!

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