Notre Dame: The Monday Aftermath

Couple bits of postgame fun this morning:

And best of all, if you happened to tune into Regis this morning, you got to hear a great 10 minute reliving of the final moments of the game, complete with Kelly Ripa’s fascinating insight into the game (“and then, I went to call Ted McGinley, to rub it in, but I was like, whaaa?”) Regis made a GUARANTEE that USC would never beat Charlie ‘Mom Jeans’ Weis again. Good luck Regis.

But big props to Regis’ dentist, who arrived to the Reeg’s big Notre Dame party wearing all his USC gear.

Kyle Bunch

Partnerships for R/GA Ventures. Raised in California, adopted by Texas. Opinions expressed here are mine and they are fantastic.

10 thoughts on “Notre Dame: The Monday Aftermath

  1. Weis defends Bush about the push when asked by media, goes to the USC lockerroom to congratulate the Trojans and you still give him crap? Poor sportsmanship,dude.

  2. Poor sportsmanship my ass. ND played a tough game…don’t start making the Irish sound like a bunch of pussies over ‘Mom Jeans’. Even Notre Dame fans call out Charlie for his weight. It’s not exactly a harsh dig.

    And while we’re talking sportsmanship–tell your TV mascot Regis to lay off the “Trojans are liars and cheats” talk…we here at T-wire reach about 10 people. He’s blasting his slander out to millions.

  3. Hats off to USC on this win. As much as it pains me to say, you made the plays needed to win and no better compliment can be made to a championship team (see NE Patriots 2000-2004). If you still want to revel in the victory and the sportmanship attitude that should prevail in this contest, check out this wonderful aftermath post on NDNation,;pid=60195-THEROCK;d=this

    No whining over calls or bitching over particular plays, just analysis the way it should be. Let’s face it, the great thing about this game is the tension from start to finish. I would love the outcome to be different, but I could watch this game seven nights a week – and don’t kid yourselves that it wouldn’t be close every time.

    Hope you get NC #3 and keep your winning streak alive until next November, so we have another shot.


  4. It’s true…while I can’t stand Notre Dame, they always bring it.

    Well, except when Willingham was coaching…but then again, we had our Paul Hackett era. So it’s not like we haven’t been there too.

  5. Buncho,

    As far as pussies go, I would have to label your coach as one of the biggest on this planet. Not wanting instant replay? That is chicken shit, because what is he scared of? That’s right, he is scared of the game coming down to a decisive play in which replay shows that a penalty was committed. It is what it is. And that is a tainted USC victory. The streak is no longer valid after 27.

    Don’t believe me? Watch the replay.

    And it is not good to go on living a lie. Just ask USC’s famous alumnus, OJ Simpson.

  6. The last play was crap. I completely agree with Reality. It doesn’t really matter, though, becuase USC is going to get what they deserve. Texas is going to beat the dog crap out of you guys, that is if Cal or UCLA doesn’t get you first.

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