Matt Leinart and the ladies

After much speculation about how successfull Matt Leinart is with the ladies, we finally land some proof!

The soon-to-be greatest college football quarterback of all-time is seen here at the Marquee in New York with one of the hotter girls we have seen in a long-time (and we went to USC).



Leinart’s Post-Heisman Party Time [Mr. Irrelevant]

Kyle Bunch

Partnerships for R/GA Ventures. Raised in California, adopted by Texas. Opinions expressed here are mine and they are fantastic.

13 thoughts on “Matt Leinart and the ladies

  1. Well of course once again mr leinart decided on the “George Michael look” for the heisman awards. Is this guy for real? HOW GAY is that homeless look? This guy is a clown act and word has it he’s got a note from his mommy asking the NCAA to return for a 6th season. And he really mess up cause his draft staus was better last year before all the scouts figured out he throws like a woman. Any high school QB could win on that offense.

  2. Leinart? Jets might pass

    The fact is, there are strong indications that the Jets aren’t high on Leinart, fearing that he could be a weak-armed, injury-prone clone of Chad Pennington. After losing two quarterbacks to season-ending injuries this season, the team is not eager to invite a scenario that could result in a repeat.

  3. Donvan James:
    37-1 as a starter. Scoreboard, loser.
    Words are just that, and you have no credibility to begin with, so we simply laugh at your expression of jealousy and weakness of character.

  4. He who speaks of Gayness needs to pull himself out of the deep dark corners of the closet and say ur proud to be the real homo here! Matt has it all…and the great thing is he’s quite humble of his talents and his absolute gorgeous looks. Many are jealouss that take pot shots at this man…A small injury, big deal! My bot Montana seemed to be even stronger after 1 of many injuries, so shut the lip flappin loser…I’m straight but would make out with this hot jock just to experience sleepin with a god, of the best damn game out there!

  5. come on guys, if i was matt leinhart i would be banging every chick in sight… who wouldnt? he likes to party like everybody else…

  6. dude that guy is the best damn quater back and he was having fun and u cant say anything about that girls dont like him girls are in love with him u all are just jelous cuzz he has a life

  7. First just let me say that Matt Leinart is by far the hottest USC quarterback known to man. i mean carson palmer- ugly ass. JDB- somewhat hot but he is a fag and cant throw worth of shit. some people say that he is as good as Matt but his pass completion is absolutely horrible. And did anyone watch the game vs. Notre D? He fell over when nobody was even near him… Matt Leinart is and always will be the hottest Trojan in my eyes.


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