T-Wire’s Rose Bowl Gift Guide ’06


Headed to Pasadena on January 4 to support the Trojans? Or maybe just your local sports bar?

Now is the time to place your orders for Trojan merchandise, to make sure you’re fully decked out for the big game. And because we know that SC gear is flying off the shelves, and that perfect shirt or hat may be tough to find, TrojanWire has combed the Web to find the very best available options for your Rose Bowl 2006 attire.

So without further ado, we’re proud to give you our Rose Bowl Gift Guide ’06.

Mens’ T-Shirts & Sweatshirts
Womens’ T-Shirts & Sweatshirts
Hats & Baseball Caps
Other Stuff

NOTE: All items marked with an asterisk are available from the TrojanWire Fan Shop–other items may be available via the USC Bookstore, eBay, or Amazon–in those cases, we cannot guarantee availability.


Reggie Bush Official Rose Bowl Jersey

Reggie Bush 2006 Rose Bowl Jersey
These are not going to be easy to come by. But if you search eBay for Reggie Bush jersey (or just click here) you can turn up a few results that promise shipping that should put you in a jersey by gameday.

Marcus Allen 1980 Rose Bowl Jersey*

Marcus Allen 1980 Rose Bowl Jersey
If you can’t come up on an official Reggie Bush jersey, this is the way to go. Considering that Marcus was the last SC tailback from San Diego to tear it up, and the jersey features a 1980 Rose Bowl patch, it makes a perfect throwback to sport at this year’s game–ideal for the fan who wants to show he’s been rooting for the Trojans for more than 2 years.

Matt Leinart Official Rose Bowl Jersey

Matt Leinart Rose Bowl Jersey
With Reggie Bush’s No. 5 unquestionably the MUST-HAVE jersey of 2005, you can actually get your hands on a Matt Leinart official Rose Bowl jersey a bit easier (i.e. without having to cruise eBay). In this case, you can just head over to online sports store Eastbay, and grab a Leinart Rose Bowl ’06 jersey there.

Mens’ T-Shirts & Sweatshirts

BEVO: IT’S WHAT’S FOR DINNER Hooded Sweatshirt

BEVO: It's What's For Dinner Sweatshirt
The nice thing about this one–the joke really doesn’t work in the opposite direction, unless the Longhorns are willing to admit to cannabalism. Also available for the ladies.

2004 Rose Bowl Champions Tee

USC 2004 Rose Bowl Champions T-Shirt
Just 2 years ago we came, saw, and conquered…make sure nobody forgets that fact, with this 100% cotton cardinal shortsleeve T.

USC Gold Logo Sweatshirt – Classic Style*

USC Gold Logo Sweatshirt
This one is just pure soul. Simple, classy, and really freakin’ gold. Go get some.

Upside-down Longhorn t-shirt (cardinal)

Upside-down Horns: Rose Bowl 2005
It’s basic, and its one of the most sure-fire ways to get a Longhorn’s goad.

FUCLA Hooded Sweatshirt

FUCLA Hooded Sweatshirt
The old-school original. Simply the finest trash-talking t-shirt available today.

Cardinal & Gold T-Shirt

USC Trojans Cardinal & Gold T-shirt
Not the most imaginative–but understated and classy. And you know we love understated and classy.

Trojans 1967 acid flashback t-shirt (cardinal)*

1967 USC National Champions T-Shirt
This one takes you right back to 1967, when SC defeated Indiana in the Rose Bowl. Yes, that Indiana.

Golden Communists warm-up jacket

Golden Communists Fleece Jacket
Sure, we aren’t playing the Golden Communists in the game on January 4–but this one is too much fun to not include.

F*ck the Irish Hooded Sweatshirt

Fuck the Irish Hooded Sweatshirt
Again–we may not be playing the Irish; but that doesn’t mean you’re suddenly a big fan of theirs, does it?

Womens’ T-Shirts & Sweatshirts


BEVO: It's What's For Dinner Baby T

USC 2006 Rose Bowl Ladies Hooded Sweatshirt

USC 2006 Rose Bowl Ladies Hooded Sweatshirt

Upside-down Longhorn ladies t-shirt (cardinal)

Upside-down Longhorn ladies t-shirt

USC Trojans Cardinal Ladies Sheer T-shirt

USC Trojans Cardinal Ladies Sheer T-Shirt
The TrojanWire Shop’s write-up says it best:

Ladies, beat the heat and show your team spirit with this ultra-lightweight tee from Champion!

Yeah–we know, it probably won’t be cold at the Rose Bowl. But it’s all about layering, right ladies?

USC Ladies Hoodie

USC Ladies Hoodie

Hats & Baseball Caps

Official USC Baseball Cap

USC Baseball Hat
This is another tough item to come by these days–the official SC baseball cap. It’s shown here in black, but the traditional cardinal & gold version is available as well (and is WAY better, in my humble opinion).

SC Logo Cap

SC Logo Hat
Fitted, simple, and available now at the SC Bookstore online.

FUCLA Trucker Hat

FUCLA Trucker Hat
Talking trash on the Bruins. It never goes out of style.

Other Stuff

USC Trojans Infant 2-Piece Football Suit*

USC Infant Logo Suit
Why should baby be left out of the Trojan spirit? Let everyone know whose family is the Trojanest, by decking out your toddler in this two-piece suit, featuring the #1. So baby can pretend to be Patrick Turner, or throwback to the glory days of Mike Williams. Oh, those were the days.

DVD: The History of USC Football

Trojan Football DVD
Looking to get pumped for the big game with some highlights from previous seasons? The History of USC Football takes you on a trip down memory lane, and chronicles the Trojans return to dominance, complete with last season’s Orange Bowl victory over Oklahoma. A must-own for any Trojan superfan.

BOOKS: Conquest: Pete Carroll And The Trojans’ Climb To The Top Of The College Football Mountain (by Gary Klein and David Wharton)

Conquest by David Wharton and Gary Klein
A great read for the Trojan fan looking to relive Pete Carroll’s resurrection of the Trojan football program.

USC Trojans Stained Glass Table Lamp

USC Stained Glass Lamp
Brighten your workplace with this stained glass USC Trojans lamp. Uber classy.

Kyle Bunch

Partnerships for R/GA Ventures. Raised in California, adopted by Texas. Opinions expressed here are mine and they are fantastic.

14 thoughts on “T-Wire’s Rose Bowl Gift Guide ’06

  1. Forgive me for asking this here – but I am looking for stuff from last year – which reads ‘Back to Back National Champions’. Does anyone know where I can get t-shirts with that print anywhere?

  2. Screw the longhorns USC is the better team. They killed ucla. They also beat the irish on the road and not to mensin the grass was 10 feet long.

  3. how can i buy a upside down longhorn shirt? it sent me to ebay but nothing showed up! i need your help! i have to have one of those shirts!

  4. I see someone else has requested an “I love Booty” tshirt. Please let me know where I can find one on the internet. Thank you!

    Birmingham, AL

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  9. I am trying to find a 2003 Rose Bowl Jersey Patch and a 2006 Rose Bowl National Championship Jersey Patch preferably more than just one of each, are they any available for perches and if so where at and for how much? Thank you.
    Thank YOU!

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