The Austin-American Statesman cranks up the rivalry w/ L.A. Times

I’m sensing a little bitterness towards the L.A. Times from the Austin-American Statesman, as evidenced in this post Saturday on their running Bevometer (which is sort of like a permalink-less blog):

The LA Times spent several inches of newsprint Friday extolling the virtues of how open USC practices are, a long-standing tradition that was presented in pointed contrast to Texas’ Kremlinesque proceedings at the Home Depot Center a few miles away. Babies in strollers, reporters, Notre Dame fans, business people, even (a few years ago, regrettably) O.J. Simpson loiter at USC practices. What the article didn’t make clear (you’d have to go to Friday’s Austin American-Statesman to find this out) is that reporters from Texas were ushered out of the USC practice after 20 minutes. The Times article included this quote from Reggie Bush: “You can steal our plays all you want. But you’ve got to have the athletes to make it happen.” OK, then why do “enemy” reporters have to leave?

Raaarrr….looks like this kitten’s got claws.

Kyle Bunch

Partnerships for R/GA Ventures. Raised in California, adopted by Texas. Opinions expressed here are mine and they are fantastic.

2 thoughts on “The Austin-American Statesman cranks up the rivalry w/ L.A. Times

  1. I don’t want to call the AAS desk jockies who have been stuck writing ‘Bevometer’ idiots, but hasn’t USC made it clear kicking the Texas beat reporters out is in retaltiation to Texas kicking USC’s reporters, albeit everyone else as well, out of their practices?

    i.e., if Texas let’s USC reporters into their practices Texas reporters can stay at USC’s practices.

    The Daily Texan probably has more readers than the Austin American Statesman.

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