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So a few weeks back, TrojanWire made a bet with the Longhorn-supporting Burnt Orange Nation. The deal? The loser of the Rose Bowl has to showcase their #2 status with an ever-so-tasteful #2 (as in dookie) graphic.

Congratulations Longhorns — enjoy your poop:


Kyle Bunch

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18 thoughts on “Deuce Here

  1. “all good things must come to an end!”

    Come to an end? Nothing has come to an end except what amounts to the second most impressive winning streak ever.

    What if USC pulled a defensive line out of a hat and Booty or Sanchez turns out to be Jim Plunkett + Matt Leinart? Then USC ends 13-0 (62 – 4 over five years!) and wins their third national title in four years. Certainly that would be one of the most impressive feats in college football history. Let the dynasty continue. Even the Patriots missed a beat one year.

    Wishful thinking is fun.

  2. Texas did their Two-Step on the Pac-10 Darlings. This after waltzing across USC’s friendly foes at Michigan and Ohio State. Trojan character was seen on the face of Leinart and Bush, to include, their entire defense when a calm Texas team took to the line on 4th and 5 to deliver a death blow they were intent on inflicting to a lesser foe. Hollywood nor Ro-DAY-O DRIVE can teach a man how to Cowboy-up when it’s time to kick ass. This same scenario played out just as White failed to get the proverbial cloud-of-dust after his 3 yards on 4th and a long 3. These Texans struck fear in a team and its coaching staff that lacked confidence, grit and determination. Their facial expressions and skittering around will forever be captured on film and in photographs for the world to see as Trojan football’s very best took to the field against a much superior team. Hook ’em Horns.

  3. “These Texans struck fear in a team and its coaching staff that lacked confidence, grit and determination…Trojan football’s very best took to the field against a much superior team. Hook ’em Horns.”

    Really? A much superior team?

    I don’t want to start a pissing match but what we saw on January 4th was that Vince Young was the best player in the country (not Reggie Bush) but USC was the better team on the field.

    USC lost, and Texas won, and as I raced out of the Rose Bowl to my limo without a word that is all that mattered but don’t act like Texas went out there and dominated because you play this game 10 times and USC is going to win most of them.

    For Godsake we nearly won despite the best individual bowl performance of all time, ridiculous officials, and inexplicable Heisman trophy winner laterals. That’s why you play the games, but the point is this Rose Bowl was not last year’s Orange Bowl. That was domination, this was a gritty Texas come from behind win that could’ve easily gone the other way (and I understand it didn’t).

    Texas has its undisputed national championship. They made the plays when they had to, they deserved to win on January 4th but don’t speak of domination until you guys repeat handedly. 20 games and 1 NC is no dynasty nor domination.

  4. “but USC was the better team on the field.”

    The best team is defined by the one that scores the most points. Texas is the better team. Period.

    “you play this game 10 times and USC is going to win most of them. ”

    Really? They had a month to prepare and couldn’t beat them. Texas tried to lockdown Reggie Bush and USC had all their other weapons to exploit and still lost. Texas is the better team any day and every day.

    Only thing that matters is scoreboard. The rest resembles the photo at the top of the page

  5. Though I completely disagree with James McBRoom’s malice, I agree with his overall opinion. This was one hell of a game, played by two great teams. Also, I completely disagree that USC would win “most of them.” I think a fair assessment would be that they would split. I have to give credit to Whinart for his play and to White for his play. One begs the question though, how will Reggie be in the NFL with much faster defenses when an already fast UT defense for the most part shut him down?

  6. I don’t know why you guys are bashing each other about who’s the better team. Yes, we did have the bigger number on the scoreboard, but I thought it was an evenly matched game all the way around.

    I’m grateful that my Horns have won a national title and I will celebrate throughly, but I also realize that neither team brought it’s A-game in the first half and that it easily could have gone the other way. Both teams made several mistakes in the 1st half.

    Since I live in Hawaii and watch all of the USC games, I know that USC could easily put this one away while we were busy putting the ball on the ground. What some USC fans don’t know is that UT really played like shit in the first 20 minutes as well.

    The inability of the Trojans to make the Horns really pay for leaving the ball all over the ground in the first half directly led to their demise, for I thought UT should have been down at least 14-0 (or worse) after the 1st quarter after repeatedly stopping themselves on offense and the turnover after a rare USC 3-and-out.

    Hell, in the 2nd half, neither team could stop the other from moving the ball.

    Hook ’em

  7. And the winner of the pissing match is:


    James McBRoom needs to learn a thing or two from Drew about how to base an opinion. I’ll be a Trojan until I die, but somebody shoot me if I ever sound like James after a victory.

  8. I’m a sore loser and I know that but it is just 366 Days until the Trojans win the Fiesta Bowl and then this Rose Bowl will be nothing but a blip in the history books; just a bump on USC’s road to domination.

    An example: Already football fans can tell you New England has won 3 out of the last 4 Super Bowls but are starting to forget who won the one in between. And it only gets worse as the year’s pass, people remember the Patriot’s dynasty but not when they failed.

    I’m just bitter, I was in the Texas section and they weren’t exactly friendly people but I probably just got a bad row. God I wish we had a monster defensive line coming back…

  9. USC – Bush – Leinart – LenDale White = any team in Pac10. I guess you’ll have atleast 3 losses next season

  10. Yeah, Texas isn’t a Dynasty. I mean, they would be if they had gone 12-1 and beaten Michigan in the Rose Bowl the year before they went undefeated like USC (the team of the century). Wait they did, I guess neither Texas or USC is a Dynasty.

  11. All this talk about dynasty reminds me of Miami a couple of years ago–how soon we forget. USC’s 11 National Championships, let alone its reputation over the last 75 years is good enough for me. I won’t deny Texas’ football history, especially after gaining their 800th win last week, but it might be a little short-sighted to use the D word.

    Unfortunately for Texas, its streak will probably end at 21, when they face Ohio State next year…unless North Texas (weren’t they the featured team in Unecessary Roughness?) pulls the major upset. It could happen now that Vince will be playing on Sundays.

  12. Dynasty is probably the most overused word in college football circles and should be banned from use in discussions of CFB. Winning 2 straight AP NCs and a BCS title game is something that you guys should be proud of.

    USC should easily win the Pac-10 next year despite the loss of ML, RB, and LW. Anything less should really be a disappointment, considering Pete’s recruiting successes over the years.

    Despite the departure of VY, it wouldn’t shock me to see UT beat Ohio State next year. OSU will be breaking in some all new linebackers (all 3 of those monsters graduate) next year and it wouldn’t suprise me to see the UT RBs run around them next year. Troy Smith loses one of his favorite targets (Holmes is gone) as well, leaving Ginn as his only proven threat.

    Winning another NC is a real tall order with a freshman QB. I expect the lack of QB depth to bite us in the ass a couple of times, but we’ll still have a very solid season (at least 10 wins). Another Big 12 title is expected from UT fans for 2006.

  13. Not sure if there are too many girls here, but as a die hard UCLA fan, I have to weigh in.

    Look — let me tell it to ya straight — you’re gonna beat us, we all know that. Now that USC realizes they can go to the BCS Championship, you are gonna destroy us.

    But, I’ll say this… you shouldn’t be going to the BCS Championship. Why? Because John David Booty is an ugly man. Matt Leinart was gorgeous, a speciman to say the least, but John Booty, ugh. And trust me, I’m not ugly, I know how to pull in the hot guys. John Booty doesn’t cut it, and nobody wants to see his ugly mug anywhere near The Ohio State University.

    Now girls, that being said, if you’re planning on doing some tailgating for the game featuring the most ugly quarterback in NCAA history (Craig Whelihan aside), then you should check out this site. It has this great blog on different stuff you can make before the game. Great stuff. I’ve already made the brownies they’ve recommended, and some of the frat guys down the hall said they wanted to tailgate with us if I just gave them some more of those brownies. Anyway, check out the URL below.

    -Kayla Crosslakes

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