Photos from our on-field correspondent of Athensnotsparta.com.


The greatest college quarterback of all-time and our main man Frostee (#90) leading the Trojans out to start the second-half.






and Pete.

We do have an amazing 7-shot series of VY on his way to one of his 4th quarter TD’s, but we’re hesitant to publish it at the moment. Maybe our Texas friends can retain personal copies, but the originals may be destroyed at a soon-to-be-determined date, time and place. Suggestions welcome.

Kyle Bunch

Partnerships for R/GA Ventures. Raised in California, adopted by Texas. Opinions expressed here are mine and they are fantastic.

18 thoughts on “T-WIRE SNAPS: ROSE BOWL 2006

  1. Leinhart wins college football’s first ever “Whinersman Trophy” with caption “2nd place 2006 Rose Bowl”…what a sore looser, absolutely a classless jack%#$@%%^…

  2. Matt’s a great competitor, like VY. I didn’t call him a classless jacka$$ when he moped at Heisman and A&M. These guys have to believe they’re the best. And Leinart was right, they are the better team, just not that night.

  3. Never in a million years does VY go over to the USC locker room to congratulate the Trojans if he comes up short on the 4th and 5 play.

    Leinart did right by Texas, don’t talk about him being a jack#$@

    Have fun in the Cotton Bowl Classic next year and try not to boo Jevan Snead too much..he’s only going to be a true frosh.

  4. I feel that both teams, Texas and USC, played great on Wednesday, January 4, 2006. As Mack Brown said both before and after the game, the winning team was only the best team for one evening, Wednesday, January 4, 2006, and not necessarily the best team.

    People’s memory start the day they were born. Long before I knew anything about college football back what in the 1950s or 1940s, Oklahoma had the only dynasty ever in college football under Head Coach Bud Wilkinson.

    USC has had three great seasons with White, Linart, and Bush from 2003 to 2005.

    Texas had their undefeated run from 1968 to 1970 with two AP National Championships.

    It was best for Texas for Vince Young to turn pro as it would be a distraction in 2006, plus I think it would be hard for anyone to repeat as the top ranked NCAA Division I passer, to repeat as an All American quarterback, and to run and pass as well in an undefeated season as Young did in 2005.

    As for Texas on offense for 2006, they return all of their skill players with the exception of Vince Young who would have been a distraction with stuff like Heisman talk, repeat All American status, and repeat as the top ranked NCAA passer, plus Vince Young started to do the Heisman Trophy pose a little too much and talk too much in the last month to be a positive factor for next year. Texas only loses Young and two offensive linemen on offense and a tight end. The linemen and the tight end have able experienced replacements.

    On defense, Texas only loses one defensive lineman, one linebacker who started only in 2005, and two defensive backs. These players have able experienced replacements.

    The 2005 Texas Longhorns National Champions was won primarily by freshmen, sophomores, and juniors and a few seniors.

    USC’s LenDale White should be a major star in the NFL and Matt Linart has a chance at being a quality NFL QB.

    What is the 619 thingie under the eyes for USC players.

    Yeah, I think that Bush winning the Heisman motivated the entire Texas team particularly Vince Young, who presently is a better college style quarterback than a NFL quarterback, but Young has improved tremendously in each of the last three seasons as a quarterback.

    Texas stopped Nebraska from a three peat in the 1990s under Coach Mackovic.

    Texas stopped USC from a three peat in the 2000s under Coach Mack Brown.

    Texas won a National Championship in 1963 and by 1965, 1966, and 1967, Texas alumni were calling for the scalp of Darrell K. Royal. Additional National Championships in 1969 and 1970 has resulted in the Texas football stadium from changing its name from Memorial Stadium to honor all military veterans since World War I to the now current name the Joe Jamail Field at the Darrell K. Royal Texas Memorial Stadium which is the turf on which the Longhorns play.

    It is amazing how one year with a National Championship a football headcoach can be on top of the world, then another year or two later a National Championship Coach can be in hot water.

    Look at the change in one year in Papa Joe and his #3 ranking.

    I am glad that USC ended up ranked #2 which is not the norm when a team loses its last game of the season.

    The 2006 Rose Bowl will go down as the best BCS championship game in history.

    May Texas and USC have continued success as well as Young, Bush, Linart, and White have great careers in the NFL.

  5. I think reggie bush shouldn’t have gone to the NFL. Yes he won the heisman, he already has a championship ring but you only get one chance in a life time to play for the trojans.

  6. USC should have won the rose bowl game. This game wasn’t about USC against texas, it was USC against Vince Young. I think vince young is selfish, and next year we will truly see how good Texas is without him.

  7. First and for most none of our guys need to go to the Houston Texans.I agree what is Texas going to do without Vince Young the boys in Maroon & Yellow should have brought that trophy back to the campus of USC but like what was said in an earlier comment it just wasn’t their night.I think in the Nfl Draft the Texans need to take their Home town hero and shove him right up the state of Texas.The Houston Texans don’t deserve some as well rounded as Bush they need to take that #1 draft pick and use it to get Young and let Bush,White and linart fall in where ever they fall in which in their case that would be sweet if they fell in on the same team

    Thanks Usc fan 4 life


  8. so wanting to win is selfish. if I was vince young and had to sit there and hear about how good and how bad usc was going to beat texas I’m prety sure that I do the best in my power to win that game. and if I’m not mistaken I’m pretty sure vince young wasn’t on defense making crucial stops when texas needed it. lets face it vince young is a scorer and usc’s famous D couldn’t do anything about that. so in reality it was texas vs usc not vince against usc.

  9. USC is the greatest college team ever . The rose bowl was nothing and USC got screwed. It pisses me off how enery one love texas and all of the kids at my school wear texas shit just cas they won. If usc won would they be wearing it then. People just follow the team that wins and texas got luck, they have nothing on USC

  10. Reggie Bush, Matt Leinary, and Lendell White are going to be stars in the NFL
    And Vince Young sucks and will suck in the NFL
    #1 Fan

  11. I can’t believe that some of the loser Trojan fans don’t appreciate the beautiful game Vince Young brought to national viewers. For most of part, Trojans deserve the same level of fanfare that Longhorns received because they played very hard and very well as they used to do. This game, like it or not, will be remembered as the best BCS championship game ever…

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