Army All-American recruits like USC

Two more five-star committals: linebacker Allen Bradford and receiver David Ausberry.

Four-star running back Emmanuel Moody de-committed from Texas, and was looking at Miami or USC, and he came away a Trojan!

USC also landed a four-star O-lineman from Colorado in Butch Lewis.

This puts USC squarely in position to come away with the #1 recruiting class in the nation for the third consecutive year–making a THREE-PETE still possible…

Another Trojan prospect, Michael Goodson, had an amazing screen catch and subsequent run. Could have been the best play of the game had Antwine Perez not lived up to comparisons of Ronnie Lott. The boy sure can hit.

Kyle Bunch

Partnerships for R/GA Ventures. Raised in California, adopted by Texas. Opinions expressed here are mine and they are fantastic.

8 thoughts on “Army All-American recruits like USC

  1. Great pick ups by the Trojans today, however the play you were describing was by Michael Goodson, not Moody. We may end up signing Goodson as well though, so either way it’s all good.

    However, I will have to disagree with you and say the play(s) of the game were the monster hits coming from Trojan commit Antwine Perez.

    Fight On.

  2. I can’t imagine why it’s so important as to who goes to USC if the coach’s approach next year is the same as the last play called on 4th& 2 after calling a time-out. When I in my living room in Indiana saw USC line up in a power running formation between the hash marks & Heisman winner Bush STANDING on the sidelines I knew along with my WIFE that White would get to carry the ball. Question? If I knew it don’t ya think Texas’s defense figured it out also. The Texas linebackers especially must have thought they were seeing things with Bush STANDING on the sidelines. Can you picture the Indianapolis Colts in the exact same situation benching wide outs,Harrison & Wayne & tight end, Clark, slot back Stokley, & running back James and they follow USC’s plan of attack and bring in a few extra blockers and Dominic Rhodes and dare the defense to stop them! WHY? Why not spread the field of play just like they had done a few times making the Texas defense worry about areas other than between the tackles? That formation just gave Texas the green light to shoot running gaps and let their linebackers & secondary focus on White as they did. I just wish last years and this years Heisman winners would have had a fair chance to get 2 yards. So, if the approach is the same next year as this year then USC fans better hope that a pot full of Nlue Chippers decide on USC to keep the bank full. Hell, most teams just dream and hope for a Heisman type of player for their team. I can guarantee one thing for sure, if they had a player like that you can rest assured HE would’nt be STANDING on the sidelies!! Ed Bowlen

  3. just commenting to say that there is a chevy tahoe commercial with a person wearing lendale white’s jersey…i thought htat was pretty cool

  4. Does anyone know what’s up with gerald mccoy DT? Also, which running back is SC going for more, Stafon, Kielend, or Michael goodson? I saw goodson on TV and his moves are Bush-like, so hopefully we can pick him up and one other guy.

  5. I agree with the man who questioned the call with 4th and two in the Rose Bowl game. 70 million people knew what the play was going to be. They should have faked to White and thrown a short pass. And this ain’t hindsight, it’s foresight. There’s a rule in football: Never call a play the other team knows you will call – unless you are playing an inferior team. With a first down, USC could have run the clock on Texas, and, Alah!, Three times National Champs. But I must add, there were a lot of “ifs” for USC in that game.

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