Recruits to fall in line

The Trojans have landed 11 of the top 100 recruits in the nation. Texas has got 9. Florida has got 8. But there are 27 top 100 recruits still undecided, and USC is on the list of almost all of them, especially the big dogs.

Here’s a run-down of potential players to welcome to the Trojan family:

    5-star offensive lineman Andre Smith
    Supposively gave word to hometown favorite Alabama months ago, but he could be a signing day surprise.
    5-star defensive tackle Gerald McCoy
    This Oklahoma native would be a huge steal from Stoops.
    5-star running back C.J. Spiller
    A country boy from Florida. Can he and his family make the adjustment to big city living? Pete Carroll certainly made an impression on his mom. He could become the 2nd C.J. of the Trojans’ 2006 recruiting class.
    5-star running back Stafon Johnson
    Straight out of Dorsey. This kid should be a lock to stay in LA. COMMITTED TO USC.

    5-star offensive lineman Stephen Schilling
    USC has a better chance at this guy then Andre Smith. Although the Trojans would like both after losing underclassmen Winston Justice and Fred Matua.

    4-star running back Michael Goodson
    This kid has Reggie Bush-like moves as evidenced in the Army All-American game.
    4-star running back LeSean McCoy
    Likely to remain home and attend Penn State, but he’s still on the Trojans’ radar since the Trojans’ backfield will be playing on Sundays next season.
    4-star linebacker Michael Morgan
    There’s nothing like stealing top talent out of Texas. See Emmanuel Moody. COMMITTED TO USC.

    4-star defensive back Devin Ross
    Supposively the Trojans were out of the running, but are now back on the block.

*All rankings based on

Kyle Bunch

Partnerships for R/GA Ventures. Raised in California, adopted by Texas. Opinions expressed here are mine and they are fantastic.

10 thoughts on “Recruits to fall in line

  1. About the only guy on that list who seems to be likely to come is Stafon. McCoy seems to be an OU lock, Goodson’s going to TAMU, Schilling just crossed SC is off his list, LeSean is likely to be going to prep school next year, Spiller isn’t likely to leave Florida, Smith is going to Bama or LSU, I don’t think Morgan is leaving Texas, and Ross might be a case of an SC offer being too little too late.

    That said, SC has a great class, we just aren’t getting the vast majority of the guys listed above.

  2. And we heard that the USC lock, Stafon Johnson, is entertaining Georgia because of his music aspirations.

    Atlanta, the capital of crunk, Outkast, Ray Charles… even still… we think LA has Georgia beat.

  3. The LA Daily News leaked word that C.J. Spiller commited to USC

    The five-star running back maintains that he is still undecided and will announce on signing day Feb 1st between USC, Florida State, Florida and Miami.

    “I guess now I know how those celebrities in L.A. feel,” laughed Patricia (C.J.’s mom). “The press gets something and they just run with it. And C.J.’s not even a celebrity either.”

  4. As long as these guys don’t go to Florida, Texas or Notre Dame…

    If they do go to USC, it’s just an added bonus.

    There is some reason to believe in that C.J. Spiller commitment because it seems like the Spillers are of good character and value that in others they meet. And there’s really no comparison between Pete Carroll and the shade dogs that run the programs in Florida

  5. Hey Pete, Mike Stoops is making you look like a little girl. Arizona is going to be on top of the Pac 10 sooner then later. You lost two JC 5 star players and Ross too. You lost it fool.

  6. Cj Spiller probally will not be attending USC this wednesday he will be commiting and we could all be in for a big surprise Coach Bobby Bowden came to visit Cj at his house not to long ago. Cj is just so good he can go any where he wants. I have to say he is one of the best running backs i have every seen! But we will all have to see where this all star is going to go!

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