Hazelton better than Harvin

It’s all just pure talk, and about freaking high school players at that, but says that USC recruit Vidal Hazelton is better than Florida recruit Percy Harvin.

A topic of great debate for the last 11 months among the recruiting team was who is the top wide receiver in the country? Is it Vidal Hazelton (Chatham, Va.) or Percy Harvin (Landstown, Va.)? The nod is final now and it goes to Hazelton. In all fairness to Harvin they are just different players who bring something completely different to the table for Southern Cal and Florida respectively. Hazelton is bigger and more of a pure receiver at this stage while Harvin is a player that’s just great in space with his speed and quickness.

We can’t help but agree and add that the name Vidal sounds a lot more promising than a sissy name like Percy. National Hot 100 College Football Recruits [The Sports Network]

Kyle Bunch

Partnerships for R/GA Ventures. Raised in California, adopted by Texas. Opinions expressed here are mine and they are fantastic.

10 thoughts on “ Hazelton better than Harvin

  1. nice on Hazelton, sweet now I don’t have to delete him in my ncaa football and put him on Penn State.

    Isn’t SC stacked at running back though, won’t having all these studs cause problems?

  2. I think percy harvin is much more than a great athlete he is a good person he gets my vote on n off da field n he is number one 2 me

  3. Rory,

    What an idiot. Who do you think is better now. Vidal “The Bust” Hazelton or “Mercy Mercy Percy” Harvin (SEC Championship MVP and Leading receiver in the National Championship game). You can call his name sissy as long as you put National Champion behind it. Clown.

  4. Now that Sark has taken over the offense he’ll put “Don’t That Vidal Beat All” in the slot like the Gators use “Mercy Percy” and his daddy’ll stop whisperin’ “I Told Ya So!”

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