Billboard wars


Kevin Robl, founder of, and self-professed “fat cat USC alum” has thrown down his own cash for this billboard to appear at the Perkins Road exit on Interstate 10 in Baton Rouge, Lousiana.

“I am thinking of expanding my campaign into other media, including the Baton Rouge Advocate, the LSU Student Newspaper and the LSU Student Yearbook (the Gumbo!). I thought that I might as well saturate the area as much as possible since LSU people seem fairly uneducated on this whole national championship issue.”

Fuck you one-peat bitches.

Billboard war getting heated []
Billboard battle builds between USC and LSU [The Daily Trojan]

Kyle Bunch

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4 thoughts on “Billboard wars

  1. This Robl guy has got it all wrong. We don’t have a problem “sharing” the 2003 national championship with USC (even though the conferences agreed on the BCS system including Pete Carroll). What we have a problem with is that USC and the media has forgotten that they did not win outright. You can’t have a two or three peat if you shared a national title.
    By the way, if Michigan had beaten USC in that Rose Bowl game, would they have had a claim to the national championship???? I think not.

  2. I was at the last game played between LSU and USC. LSU came into USC’s backyard and kicked the Trojans butt. LSU hasn’t been invited back since then. The truth is that UCS doesn’t play anybody and you know it! We all saw what happened when you played Texas. Your QB was rattled by the defense and your defense couldn’t stop the Texas offense. I’ll give it to you that you have a good team….good enough to win the PAC-10 (LOL) and remain the media’s darling. It’s been a month since you played a real team, put the crying towels away! And in support of LSU, if you don’t end up with the crystal football, then you DIDN’T win the National Championship. So, you are a one-peat! And in the BCS, there is NO SHARING THE TITLE!

  3. Having a bunch of good players and showing up for a Super Bowl or two is exactly what Buffalo did….But nobody is calling them a Dynasty! I think “LOSERS” comes to mind.

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