Tatupu works on own three-peat

A great article on Lofa, and the impact he’s had on defense — leading the Seattle Seahawks to the Super Bowl this year after winning back-to-back at USC.

Expect an article on the other side, Troy Polamalu being the cornerstone of the Pittsburgh Steelers defense, to be just around the corner…

Tatupu Works on Own Three-Peat [The Colombian]

Kyle Bunch

Partnerships for R/GA Ventures. Raised in California, adopted by Texas. Opinions expressed here are mine and they are fantastic.

3 thoughts on “Tatupu works on own three-peat

  1. I’m really happy for Lofa, I was there the whole time he was and really enjoyed watching him play. He never got the respect or attention he deserved at SC because he wasn’t AJ Hawk or Derrick Johnson. But look at him now, one of the top 3 MLB this year.

    Another thing, I really love how everyone digs on USC and the Pac-10’s defense, yet, the two best defensive players in this Super Bowl come from USC and the Pac-10. Interesting…

  2. This Robl guy has got it all wrong. We don’t have a problem “sharing” the 2003 national championship with USC (even though the conferences agreed on the BCS system including Pete Carroll). What we have a problem with is that USC and the media has forgotten that they did not win outright. You can’t have a two or three peat if you shared a national title.
    By the way, if Michigan had beaten USC in that Rose Bowl game, would they have had a claim to the national championship???? I think not.

  3. Moving right along, that shit’s old and boring the bubbles “been” busted you won’t get the debate your looking for….. and besides michigan sucks, and they ‘ve lost they’re last 3 bowls.Next!

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