More Darnell Bing draft diaries

Fox Sports has more from Darnell Bing — it’s quite apparent that he believes he is better than top-rated safety Michael Huff of Texas (who is the fastest safety in this years draft).

Darnell leads off with how he can’t wait for USC’s Pro Day on April 2nd, where he will run the 40 for NFL scouts. And he inexplicably leaves Huff off his list of “other safeties” out there.

I know that some people have others ranked higher right now at the strong safety position and that is fine. I respect the other safeties out there. Donte Whitner, Daniel Bullocks and the others are good players. I am confident in my own abilities, though.

We have to side with our man Darnell Bing here.

It certainly has helped that I faced the best offense in America every day in practice for the past three years. The best part is how versatile our offense at USC was. I’m confident that I can handle the faster, quicker backs of the NFL because of practicing against Reggie Bush. I feel the same way about stronger, more physical backs because of LenDale White.

And just look what happened to the last top safety to come out of USC (Troy Polamalu).

Hey, I’m good too [Fox Sports]

Kyle Bunch

Partnerships for R/GA Ventures. Raised in California, adopted by Texas. Opinions expressed here are mine and they are fantastic.

3 thoughts on “More Darnell Bing draft diaries

  1. Considering that USC coudn’t stop UT’s offense in the Rose Bowl, I’m not quite sure how well his statement holds the H2O.

  2. Darnell bing is proboly the best safty becuase he can hit harder and tackle better than other saftys and is alot stronger and also has an NFL body

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