Nice hair, dork

Thank god this high school QB prospect, Jimmy Clausen, chose Notre Dame. And good riddance to whoever follows him out there.


Besides this guys ridiculous spike job, there are two other reasons we are ecstatic to see him headed east.

Jimmy didn’t want to have to compete with Mark Sanchez. The Trojans certainly don’t want to waste valuable scholarships on players that are unsure of themselves.

He apparently heeded the advice of Steve Clarkson. The Air 7 football academy owner is apparently miffed at Pete Carroll over who would run Matt Leinart’s workout during Pro Day.

In any case, this guy and Charlie Weis will make for a nice couple on the Irish sidelines.

Bitter? Nope. We’re just getting started….

Kyle Bunch

Partnerships for R/GA Ventures. Raised in California, adopted by Texas. Opinions expressed here are mine and they are fantastic.

73 thoughts on “Nice hair, dork

  1. If he had chosen SC, you would be falling all over yourself to proclaim him the second coming of Carson Palmer.

  2. What George says is true. Most SC fans would be gushing over Clausen if he committed to USC. I wish him the best at ND, but with Sanchez in the reign, I’m not worrying one bit.

  3. “If he had chosen SC, you would be falling all over yourself to proclaim him the second coming of Carson Palmer.”

    Please. We’ve already seen how successful the Clausen gene is. I can just imagine the conversation between Fulmer and Weis.

    This guy is the most overhyped Southern California product since 98 Degrees. People forget so easily that Sanchez was hotter than Habanero salsa coming out of high school. We’ve got our QB of the future. I’m plenty happy we didn’t spend a scholarship on a hyped bench warmer who’d probably spoil the locker room with his attitude (not to mention that hair) when he didn’t see the field.

  4. Wow, that does suck about Mark. Damn it Sanchez. You’re a star football player and you can’t get it without trying to take it?

    Ah, the guy is innocent until proven otherwise.

  5. There is no doubt USC has great quarterbacks. Apparently, someone forgets that Booty was even more highly regarded than Sanchez when he graduated. But USC fans just won’t admit that they would have loved to get Clausen. Ask Pete. Pete wanted this guy as bad as anyone. Overhyped? Probably. But that is not the point. ND got a guy USC wanted. Wanted badly. SC lost out on this one. Just admit it.

  6. Too bad about Sanchez. It should be interesting to see how the university reacts to these charges. I.E. Will he be permitted to practice/play with pending charges of this nature? It is important to note that these are merely charges….not a conviction. While he will be persecuted in the press, let’s hope the truth comes out and justice is served.

    Not a good week for USC fans. Clausen committs to ND, Bush’s House and now the Sanchez deal. Wow.

  7. “Jimmy didn’t want to have to compete with Mark Sanchez. The Trojans certainly don’t want to waste valuable scholarships on players that are unsure of themselves.”

    How do you know that? I’ve seen quotes that would suggest the opposite, but maybe you have a link that can prove me wrong. Either post a link or admit that you completely made that up.

    Oh, and no one is buying this “We didn’t really want the #1 recruit in the country, who happened to live 45 minutes from USC’s campus, and who was the ONLY quarterback USC offered until he committed elsewhere because his hair is spiky” crap.

    But hey, by all means, keep bashing him. I’m sure Marc Tyler appreciates that USC fans are trashing his best friend that they were drooling over a few days ago.

  8. USC doesn’t want players that don’t want to compete. You don’t need a link or an article to know that when this guy gets to Notre Dame, Quinn would have left to the NFL and the team would be Clausen’s. How can a Southern Cal kid choose Notre Dame, out of all schools. Its obvious he didn’t want to compete, he wanted the job handed to him. Pete really wanted him, but no big deal, USC is well taken care of with Sanchez (beleive it or not, he will play down the road after this incident, sorry Irish and Bruins douchebags)

    This kid has not accomplished anymore that I have, lets not forget that. And thats pretty bold to announce a press conference at the College Football Hall of Fame, showing up in a limo. Wait that sounds like someone we know, but then again he went 37-2 as a starter and won back 2 back national titles.

  9. Wow, nice analysis. So you’re saying you don’t have any proof. The only reason he went to ND was the competition. Hilarious.

  10. “How can a Southern Cal kid choose Notre Dame, out of all schools.”

    Why don’t you ask Konrad Reuland.

    “Pete really wanted him, but no big deal, USC is well taken care of with Sanchez”

    Yeah, you guys should be real proud of that guy. Cough cough rapist cough cough.

    “This kid has not accomplished anymore that I have, lets not forget that.”

    Oh, so you went undefeated for three years as a highschool quarterback and became the #1 recruit in the country? Congratulations man, I’m impressed.

  11. Right, Sean. Lets all remember that being the #1 recruit in the country guarantees you 4 straight national titles. In addition, all highly recruited high school players transform into monsters in college, right? What I mean by he hasn’t accomplished anything is that no one cares what he did in high school, college is bigger, faster, and more defining. So when he steps out onto that field for the first time, he would have contributed nothing to Notre Dame. Yet.

    “Why don’t you ask Konrad Reuland” you say? Pete didn’t recruit him hard, his buddy Vidal Hazelton did. USC is well set up with Stafon Johnson, CJ gable, and Emmanuel Moody. Maybe those three 5-star All-Americans had something to do with him signing with LSU. At USC, there is fierce competition, if you haven’t noticed.
    No one said we were proud of Sanchez, but then again you are guilt until proven innocent, right?

  12. Are you saying that if Clausen de-committed from ND today then USC would not take him?

    USC has crushed ND the last few years on the field with the exception of last year’s last second win.

    Above all, USC has dominated ND on the recruiting front during the Carroll years. USC is still doing an incredible job as evidenced by yesterday’s committment fromt he O-linemen.

    ND won this battle with Clausen (and Rueland and Sam Young). There will be more to come, but ND has a ways to go before it wins the recruiting war.

    BTW, Charlie Weis has a pretty good record developing QBs. Maybe that has something to do with Clausen going to ND? If he is as good as advertised (a big “if”), then he would have challenged Booty and Sanchez. By his own words, he said that had nothing to do with the decision and that he likes to compete…

    Finally, I guess timing has to do with everything in life. I wonder how the Sanchez situation would have impacted Clausen’s decision had it occured a week earlier? I.E. Sanchez could potentially be gone and we still do not know the severity of Booty’s injury….

  13. You’re right, he hasn’t accomplished anything at the college level. It’s still absolutely ridiculous to claim that YOU’VE accomplished more than the #1 recruit in the country. How many conference championships have you won? How many touchdowns did you throw in high school? how many colleges have you been recruited by? The answer to all three questions in undoubtedly zero, so let’s not fly off the edge with the claims here.

    “Pete didn’t recruit him hard.”

    Yeah, I’m sure he didn’t really want his top TE prospect, who happened to be the #1 TE in the country and lived in socal.

    Just like he didn’t recruit Sam Young hard, right?

    “…had something to do with him signing with LSU”

    OK, now you’ve proven that you don’t even follow recruiting. Reuland signed with Notre Dame, and I’m pretty sure LSU was never even mentioned. How can you claim that you know about Pete’s recruiting strategy with regards to Reuland when you don’t even know who Reuland is?!

  14. My point is that the kid is HIGHLY TOUTED…meaning he is supposed to be good in college football, but that isn’t the case yet, now is it Sean? How many touchdown passes has he thrown in DIV 1 football….ZERO…so before you jizz your pants over this kid, lets wait to see if he is even legit. I And I don’t think its a conicidence Sanchez and Booty are already here and Quinn will be gone in 1 year. All I am saying is that no one should lose any sleep over Clausen going to Notre Dame.

    For the record, I was referring to Keiland Williams, a rb that Pete Carrol lost to LSU. I made a mistake.However, If YOU knew anything about recruting you would have noticed the connection between him and Vidal Hazelton (who I mentioned in my post), who were teammates at Hargrave Military Academy in Virginia. I don’t know Pete’s recruitng strategy, but I know at the end of the day, Notre Dame is still losing the recruting war to USC and losing games as well. And for some reason all I could think about are the Clausens and how great they are at throwing the ball and winning national titles…

  15. Hey, for the second time, I don’t disagree that he hasn’t accomplished jack at the college level. I simply took issue with the fact that you think that you, personally, have accomplished more than him.

    As far as competition goes, Sanchez and Booty have already lost a few years of eligibility. We have Evan Sharpley, who still has 4 years of eligibility, along with Demetrius Jones and Zach Frazer, who both have 5 years of eligibility. All three were very highly ranked all-americans. If anything, we’ve got more competition for Jimmy.

    BTW, nice recovery. “I… uh… wasn’t talking about Reuland, even though I specifically mentioned him by name. I was… uh… talking about some totally random other recruit whose name had not been mentioned at all.” Pathetic.

  16. “Notre Dame is still losing the recruting war to USC”

    Since Weis has taken over, USC and ND have gone head to head for the following players:

    Jimmy Clausen
    Konrad Reuland
    James Aldridge
    Munir Prince
    Butch Lewis
    Darrin Walls

    ALL OF THEM, except for Lewis, chose ND. Winning the recruiting battle indeed.

    “…and losing games as well”

    Not sure how Weis managed to lose to Carroll multiple times considering that they’ve only played once. Lets take a look at the game you won.

    Despite an ABSURD talent differential, USC only won by getting away with an uncalled penalty (committed by an ineligible player) on the last play of the game, during time that the PAC-10 refs put back on the clock (and only because USC fumbled the ball). Yeah, I’d say USC pretty much dominated us in that one. It really showed that you literally have backups that could start for us, and we have maybe 2 players that could start for you. Way to go.

  17. Still bitter about the Trojans winning last year, huh Sean? Get used to it my friend because it will be happening quite often. Don’t even mention the game last year. USC only won last year after Notre Dame busted out those ugly jerseys,the crowd was on the field for god’s sake, Jesus was staring Leinart in the face,Weis had multiple weeks to prepare, and Notre Dame had USC 4th and 9 in their own territory…gimme a break. Notre Dame had everything working in its favor, kinda like their national following and ridiculous NBC contract. USC won because they were the better team, a much better team. Notre Dame later went on to prove to everyone how overrated they were by getting severely outplayed in the Fiesta Bowl, which they only got into because of their name. And when was the last time they won a bowl game by the way? USC has been winning the recruiting war, if you haven’t noticed, they have had the nation’s best recruiting class 4 straight years. Hmmm, I would say they are out-recruiting everyone wouldn’t you think? In fact, someone could argue that Notre Dame actually wins Heismans for USC. Palmer, Leinart, and Bush’s games against those overrated clowns from South Bend have led to really nice lookin trophies.

    “and losing games as well” refers not to Pete Carrol vs. Weis, but Notre Dame losing games to USC as well.And might I mention losing by lots over the past few years. Nice recovery by stating the obvious that Carrol and Weis have only played once. Really clever, Sean. I dig it.

  18. “Since Weis has taken over, USC and ND have gone head to head for the following players:

    Jimmy Clausen
    Konrad Reuland
    James Aldridge
    Munir Prince
    Butch Lewis
    Darrin Walls

    ALL OF THEM, except for Lewis, chose ND. Winning the recruiting battle indeed.”

    If you’re implying you’d have taken Notre Dame’s class this year over USC’s (even with the team’s different needs) then you’re a fool. Carroll and Meyer trounced everyone this year. Notre Dame doesn’t even deserve to be mentioned in the same sentence.

    Such recruiting domination certainly doesn’t guarantee success but don’t quote USC – Notre Dame head-to-head recruiting efforts as evidence of Weis’ recuiring prowess. USC has done substantially better than Notre Dame or anyone in the country in the recruitment department over the past several years.

    Granted Weis has done an incredible job considering he has only been at ND a single full year. And I’m sure the Trojan staff would be jumping with joy if Clausen decommitted and gave a verbal to USC. That doesn’t mean that wouldn’t be a mistake on the Trojans part.

    Jimmy Clausen is as overrated a high school prospect as there has been these past few years in my opinion. Overrated even by Carroll. That entire surname is overrated. Jimmy Clausen will be a managable college QB, but not the superstar the praise of him so far has made him out to be.

  19. “And might I mention losing by lots over the past few years.”

    You Trojan fans sure have short memories, but that’s to be expected from the worst fanbase in the country. I can remember when you were a lakers fan, and even all the way back when you were a raiders fan. I can remember 3 years ago when USC struggled to fill the coliseum to half-capacity.

    Anyhow, the current Trojan win streak is exactly one game longer than the Irish win streak that immediately preceded it. After you forfeit the 2005 game for cheating with an ineligible player, it will be exactly equal to the ND win streak that immediately prededed it. Bet you don’t remember the 13 game Irish win streak right before that, and I definitely know that you’re not familiar with the all-time series record.

    But hey, keep bragging. I’ll still be here when the Irish win again, but you’ll move on to some other team.

    Pitiful LA fans.

  20. “3 years ago, when we failed to fill the Coliseum to half capacity? Are you referring to the season where Carson Palmer passed for over 400 yards on that overrated Irish defense and cemented his Heisman? Wow, good memory, Sean !! Hey Sean, why don’t you go cry over at Blue-Grey Sky blog. Ever heard the saying…what have you done for me lately? Yeah, I thought so… With the money that USC has, they aren’t forfeiting any games, just like Michigan did after Charles Woodson secretly accepted money after he won the Heisman. I don’t expect you to know that. “The win steak that immediately preceded it ?” Which season are you referring to? The one where the frauds of Notre Dame won a few games and lost in a bowl game as usual. I don’t think Notre Dame will come close to winning over 30 straight like USC did. I think the last time Notre Dame won a bowl game was in 1993 in the Cotton Bowl against Texas A&M. Yeah, thats a pretty long time ago.

    I also beleive that a few Irish players had a rape scandal before Willingham got there. Yes, I said it. A bunch of Catholic boys raping a girl, crazy I know.But you can live in your little world Sean with the evil Lakers, Trojans, Dodgers,Bruins, and other LA fans who are just so horribly bad. All I know is that here in LA we don’t jerk off to Rudy, the worst college football player to ever lace up cleats. Ouch, that was a pretty bad log, but then again you are probably from South Bend, land of nothing.

  21. Thanks for the charity. Clausen wouldn’t have qualified for USC anyway, he doesn’t have a rap sheet. I’m sure USC didn’t want Konrad Reuland, Sam Young, Marc Tyler and, when he de-commits to ND, Chris Gallipo. Your generosity is commendable! We’ll stick with Coach Weis, thank you, who outcoached Pete Carroll in last year’s USC-Notre Dame by a wide margin [See the list of USC players you so aptly mentioned above who were drafted by the pros]. As someone who watched them both during there time with the New England Patriots, I’ll take Charlie Weis EVERY time. Besides, with “Troy burning,” “Pom Pom” will be jumping ship at the earliest opportunity to take ANY NFL job that opens up next year! Talk about an institution out of control. USC deserves itws title – University of Scandal & Corruption!!!

  22. Addendum to Above:

    Be advised, this is not your Ty Willingham or Bob Davie Notre Dame! Recruiting will be much different under Charlie Weis and his agressive staff. USC will always get its share of recruits but, as it will on the playing field when the talent level and depth at Notre Dame increases – and the team is more successful on the field; – Notre Dame will make greater and greater inroads – even in CA. Certainly, there will always be some athletes which Notre Dame will not be able to recruit because they do not have the academic qualifications – Notre Dame does not offer courses in ballroom dancing or majors in pool maintainence. However, the rivalry will do nothing but grow in the coming years.
    Finally, I hope that “Pom Pom” does NOT leave USC after this season, as many are predicting. Once the talent on both teams is comparable, I’ll take my chances with Charlie Weis in the coaching matchup – EVERY TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What do the players you mentioned above – Vidal Hazelton, C.J. Gable, Emmanuel Moody, Butch Lewis and Mark Sanchez – all have in common with Jimmy Clausen? THEY haven’t done anything on the field in college either!!!!!
    Just read an article by “Pom Pom,” who is anything but “jacked and pumped” lately. “Pete Carroll [Joey please note the correct spelling of your head coaches name] said, ‘U.S.C’s program would have to do morfe to educate its players about the risks their acquaintances can pose.'” This, coming from a coach that invites Snopp Dogg [It’s catchy. He was recently arrested in London!]on the field and in the locker room!

  23. Now that another Blue-Chip recruit that USC had listed as a top priority, TE Mike Ragone has also cast his lot with Notre Dame, I guess you didn’t want him either. He’s only the # 1-ranked TE in the Class of 2007, but he’s coming off a leg injury and he likes Italian food! Get used to it U of Scandal and Corruption. This is just the beginning!

  24. Reuland….Clausen….next????

    Will Mr. “Uttal” be eligible to play on 11/25/06?? Oh, that’s right, he attends USC, no worries then.

  25. Calling a High School senior a Dork for not wanting to attend your school is, well, quite dorkish.
    USC and its alumn/followers/fans are in no position to be calling any player from any other school a dork.
    I could start throwing stones but won’t, I don’t need to.
    No matter where these kids play, they are amateurs. You want to pick on someone??? Seek out some NBA/MLB idiot and throw stones at them. You can’t swing a dead cat in your local arena without hitting some NBA yahoo that does not have a few illijit kids roaming around.
    I am not saying this because I am an ND fan. I participate on the ND boards and tell those knot heads the same thing. Leave these kids alone.

  26. I would just like to point out the fact that Clausen will have competition when he gets to ND. ND has two pretty good quarterbacks in Frazer and Jones, who will both red-shirt this year. Saying that he won’t have any competition is a joke. Weis doesn’t play favorites and everyone knows it.

  27. I happen to know jimmy clausen personally. in fact, i live in his old house. I played little league against him as well as middle school football. Ive seen him play and yes he may have thrown for 409535 touchdowns last year and won state championships, but what most people dont know is that his school is division 8. His school Oaks Christian plays schools that have about 400 students. Jimmy would have 6 touchdowns and 300 yards passing by halftime. Hell, he barely even played 3/4 of the minutes last year. The stats were impressive, so are the mechanics, but Sanchez actually played at a real high school against real opponents. Have fun playing up in Notre Dame Jimmy. You may be a sick qb, but you’ll have no talent around you. Have fun starting 8-0 like ND usually does and then losing and falling to some no name bowl game. Have fun sitting at home and watching USC win those 4 national championships you promised the ND fans.

  28. There is no need to talk trash on this kid. As as SC alum and a former athlete we do our talking on the field. Could care less about his hair, his comments, Weis’s coach record in recruiting, or whatever else. We have won 2 national champioships in the last 3 years and played in the championship game for a third. We have had players who won 3 heisman in 4 years. ND hasnt won a championship in 18 years and a heisman in 19 years. ND guys go talk on your own boards because right now (the last 15 years) in terms of results or what really matters (ie national championships) you don’t have a lot to talk about.

    For the those of us who love SC we don’t to need to say anthing more about Jimmy or trash talk anyone else from any other school. He and ND can say what they want. We can smile and follow Carroll’s example of being one hell of a class act and do our talking on the field, as we have with ND for the last 4 years.

    Fight On!

  29. I don’t like people putting down Jimmy Clausen,
    he is a great quaterback, and Charlie Weis will
    help him to be even a greater quarterback,he made
    a great choice by going to Notre Dame. This will
    be a great year for Notre Dame, they will be the
    2006 NCAA football national champions,and I hope
    Brady Quinn the best quarterback in the nation
    gets the Heisman Trophy. With Weis’s genius and
    the great recruits coming to south bend in 2007
    they could be a dynasty. Go Notre Dame.

  30. Hey Dick,

    You have to first win a national championship in the current decade before you cant start talking dynasty. Plus your boy Quinn choked again in a big game with the rest of the team against Michigan. The loss pretty much guaranteed Notre Dame is a long shot for the championship this season as is the heisman for Quinn. You have to win the big games to be taken seriously for both awards.

    Again go post on your own boards, this one doesn?t say Irish supporters. Also if you think you?re stirring the pot then let me save you some time typing a response and let you know that no one here takes you seriously. In case you had not noticed for the last 4 years your team doesn?t have squat on us.

    Good luck with the rest of your season.

    Fight On!

  31. i have been a n.d fan for 47 years and i have heard it all , fans love n.d or hate them but everyone watches them play on saturday good luck N.D

  32. Jimmy Clausen is totally overrated and he is falling on the ESPN 150 prospect chart. Marc Tyler is now listed as the #1 – and he has been AMAZING this season for Oaks Christian, unlike Clausen who’s just been so so.

  33. I don’t have a dog in this fight, just stumbled upon this site while reading about recruiting.

    That being said, I can’t believe the SC fans are this insane. I’m not even sure where to begin.

    As for Clausen, who gives a rodent’s posterior about his hair cut?!?! I have seen him play the two nationally televised games, and have been quite impressed. He has all the throws in his arsenal, and a ridiculously quick release. He progressed through his reads quite well, and never seemed to lock in on a receiver. Most impressively, while being horse collared by a St Bonaventure player, and on his way down, he threw a dart to a tightend for a completion. He made the right choice with ND – Coach Weis has a proven track record developing QBs, and runs an exciting offense that will maximize his abilities. On top of that, ND recruited an incredible O-Line the year before that should lay the groundwork for a dominant offense for the forseeable future (and has already added another top lineman this year).

    That being said, Marc Tyler is incredible, and USC should be very proud to call them their own.

    It will be interesting how the games play out once Weis has more of his players in the program, as I believe he is the better tactician (compared to Carroll, who was really ineffectual in the NFL).

    Either way, the two teams promise to be perennial contenders for the next 5 years or so.

  34. Ty almost beat you wimps!!!!!!!!!! Wait till the Irish meet USC again, maybe the refs will be on our side next time.

  35. “I also beleive that a few Irish players had a rape scandal before Willingham got there. Yes, I said it. A bunch of Catholic boys raping a girl, crazy I know.”

    The difference is that those student-athletes were summarily dismissed from not only the team but the university. Notre Dame showed that its integrity was worth more than a few high school all americans.

    Its a pity the administration at USC doesn’t share those values.

  36. You guys are forgetting the level of football he played against in highschool. For 2 years he played teams that were divison 11 and played 1 divison 2-3 team. They simply did not want to play bigger named schools in the OC. The game vs bonaventure? That was most likley the rebuilding year. Marc Tyler is surley a great athlete, but I watch the Diamond Ranch vs Oaks C. on Espn well, I was dissapointed. I expected 200+ on a no name team from Pomona. They held him to 80 yards , gaing 64 on one touchdown run.These highschool atheletes are truley verhyped.Especially when they think they’re better than they are, Jimmy Clausen in the Diamond Ranch game, he found himself on his back and cried to the refs ….on televison. Marc Tyler got pounded by Diamond Ranch’s suprisingly huge running back, and he decided to stop runnin after the ball and kick the grass 30 yards on the opposite side of the field, some atheletes.

  37. Sorry, Domers. If you missed the CA State championship games, Jimmy Clausen was not impressive. He threw 3 INTs and his heavily favored Oaks Christian team was taken to OT before pulling out a win in their game.

    Aaron Corp (USC commit) was the man that day (threw 4 TDs, ran for 2 more), leading his Orange Lutheran team to victory in their game. As much as Pete Carroll may have recruited JC, I’m glad we have Corp instead. Sanchez will have some serious competition.

  38. For the person up there who mentioned Cherry Hill (NJ) Camden Catholic’s Mike Ragone committing to ND: One of the recruiting sites (not sure if it’s Rivals or Scout, I can’t recall right now) has him listed at 6 feet tall- don’t believe that for a second! I met Mike in San Antonio two weeks ago, and he’s definitely 6’4″.

    Sure, we landed Jimmy and we’re losing Brady: but as a Southern Californian (born and raised baby!) who follows recruiting, I’ll say this, SC has the better recruiting class yet again!

    Aaron Corp, Samson Szakacsy, Chris Galippo (Chris was the MVP of this year’s All-American bowl, by the way) Martin Coleman, Kris O’Dowd, Everson Griffen, and James Wilson (James played with Tim Tebow at Nease HS in St. Augustine, FL.)? That’s a hell of a recruiting class, and I’m a die-hard ND fan giving SC props on this year’s class!

    You guys did another great job getting the blue chippers, ND has a ways to go before we get classes like that again, but the recruits we’ve got so far aren’t made up of slouches!

    Props on the class of 2011 to Troy again!!

  39. Oh yeah, and Paul’s right, You’re going to enjoy watching Marc Tyler play, and as a socal resident, I am too! I’m glad the kid stayed local!

  40. There’s not enough Kleenex in the world to clean up the wad you guys would shoot for Clausen if he had chosen USC. Not bitter? Please. You guys couldn’t be more bitter if you were soaked in crappy beer. You can have your rapist quarterback and your drunk cliff jumper. We’ll take the guys with character.

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