This was Bush’s only mistake

We’ve never published this photo (post-infamous lateral) until now. We want to make a point about this Bush house scandal.


Bill Plaschke isn’t getting his normal access to a story that has somehow got international appeal.

Bush Proves to Be More Elusive Than Ever [LA Times]

Writing a call-to-arms for the Trojan family to be mad at Reggie Bush eventhough nothing, and I repeat nothing, has happened is typical hyperbole from Plaschke.

Before USC alumni and fans lose any sleep about forfeiting the 2005 season (big deal), losing the 2005 Heisman (not likely, sorry Vince) or losing future scholarships (ok that hurts), know this:

– Nothing was ever exchanged (rent doesn’t have to be paid on time)
– The Yahoo! Sports writer was tipped by someone affiliated with the University of Texas
– Privately-placed ads are running in local Texas newspapers pleading for the Houston Texans to draft Vince Young


Kyle Bunch

Partnerships for R/GA Ventures. Raised in California, adopted by Texas. Opinions expressed here are mine and they are fantastic.

8 thoughts on “This was Bush’s only mistake

  1. You went prety far out on a limb there saying absolutely nothing happened. Hope you don’t have to eat those words.

  2. you guys are just mad the Jimmy Clausen didnt chose USC because they are going nowhere in the future….. And did you see Bush on the NFL Draft Special… If you didn’t you can tell he is totally guilty…. Bush is a dumbass and should have his Heisman taken away from him… It should be given to the true Heisman Winner… VINCE YOUNG!!!! and i am from So Cal too. VY out passed Leinart in the Rose Bowl. He out rushed Reggie Bush in the Rose Bowl… Bush Sucks!!! Everyone thknks he is good and set billions of records…. There were two people(DeAneglo Williams & Jerome Harrison) that had more rushing yards them him this year. Reggie Bush only rushed for a thousand yards once in his lame ass college career. He only won the Heisman because he had one good game against who… Fresno State… OOOOOOOOO thats really tough… O ya and USC only won 1 nat. championship. The split doesnt count and that shoulda gone to LSU. And Texas just wipped thier ass. LenDale is beter than Reggie…. Just face it….. usc is heading NOWHERE even with thier draft class!!!

  3. Alright, dude, we heard it here first — Bush took no money or favors in college and some girl we don’t even know yet is already lying about Sanchez’ misdeeds.

    Let’s see how those two predictions play out…

  4. Um, what’s the source on this “A Texan tipped Yahoo?” Further, what does it matter who tipped ’em off? Tip or no tip, Reggie isn’t in the clear by any stretch, as you hope.

    And finally, Vince wouldn’t take the Heisman if they tried to give it to him. We don’t want it. We got the only trophy that matters.

    Trojans: still #2

  5. Bush was overrated to begin with and when they actually played a real team….like UT, they lost. Oh, and who was on the field with they “needed” the first down to run the clock out……thats right, not Reggie.

    He is showing he sucks in the NFL as well….! He will never average 4.0 yards a carry and is living off nothing more then the fact USC played NO ONE year in and year out……until Bowl season.

    USC’s deep pockets are keeping USC and BUSH from being in trouble as of yet…..but sooner then later USC will be shown to be cheating, paying players and Pete knows all of it. Sooner then later, they are going to be exposed…..and most know it.

  6. you guys are all jealous cause UT had a lucky season.. im not from So cal or from Texas. But I am a SC fan and I can say your all jealous.. vince Young has the worst case of a side arm.. he failed his wonderlic test.. the guys a complete idiot – so all you haters go back to your lucky number #7 rankeed UT team and watch SC romp all over the country this year.. SC is ranked in the tops year in and year out.. say all you want hating but when push comes to shuv statistcs prove all.. UT had a horseshoe up their ass and that horseshoe is gone, so stop hating and wake up to the reality that is sitting infront of you.. SC is a dynasty

    and were thankfull clausen choose ND cause they couldnt beat a down syndrome blind kid high on coke

  7. bush is garbage the saints should have picked up jones drew a good running back who can score and block, drew had 16 touchdowns as a rookie how many did bush have not counting his jog on the punt return ya and sc is overrated they only play sorry teams and lose to the good ones pre season number 1 ha and then they end up what 7

  8. well, first off, wheres SC this year? no national championship, and i think its pretty selfish of them to claim a “split” one, when they dident even play in the championship game that year. Now on to the reggie bush deal, yea the guy has talent, that is , for a high school player, or a college like SC that plays hardley no one. Honestly he should be in arena ball are europe because he isent a good running back. He’s a good receiver, but even to small to do that and i think that it was a wasted pick of the Saints to draft him number two, props to houston for not bungling that one. I personally think he will never be anything more than what he has shown, not much. He has talent, just not the type thats hyped.

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