LenDale to the Tennesse Titans

Biggest pick of the draft. LenDale to the Titans.

We know what is on everyones mind: will LenDale have a better NFL career than Vince Young?

Kyle Bunch

Partnerships for R/GA Ventures. Raised in California, adopted by Texas. Opinions expressed here are mine and they are fantastic.

11 thoughts on “LenDale to the Tennesse Titans

  1. just shut the f**k up!!!!!. Have you been listening to what everyone has been saying these past few weeks. Well if you havn’t they are saying that VINCE YOUNG well be the best pro. Lendale is lucky he even got drafted. Same with Leinart, Bush, Lutui or what ever his name is and Justice….. The Texans didnt make a mistake. If Reggie Bush can play corner too then they did but Reggie isnt even that good. AND HAHAHAHAHAHAHA…… You guys are going to have to forfeit your nat. Championship against Okla. and Reggie Bush is going to have to give up his Heisman to the true Hiesman Winner….. VINCE YOUNG IN-VINCE-ABLE he was all year. and the USC defense knows that for sure…… USC si a school for convicts. Lets take a look… Mark Sanchez. OJ Simpson…. Reggie Bush(f*g), Winston Justice…….. i know theres more but i am forgetting them….. just face it…. all USC players are b*****s!!!

  2. Hey, Matthew, not so quick, White was pretty quick to say he’d pick Young over Leinart in the draft when asked. I’d guess LenDale’s not a big reader himself.

  3. LenDale has no one to blame but himself for his tumble. He gained weight. His workouts were terrible. He may end up with a good career–if he starts working at it.

  4. I think Lendale will prove everybody wrong. He had an unfortunate series of incidents before the draft. but never committed a crime. He had a torn hamstring for God’s sake. He will make Vince look good. On the other hand, there will be chaos in Tennessee because Fisher and Norm Chow wanted Leinart, but the owner signed Young. So the coaches will be forced to work with a player they didn’t want, and a player who doesn’t know anything other than the zone read option. Might I add, his wonderlic scores indicate he doesn’t know the 10th month of the year.

  5. Well I guess Norm Chow will be fired. You don’t need a great offensive coordinator to run an offense with only one play. The “Vince Young drop back to pass but can’t find anyone open so run” play.

  6. Zone Read Play where you read the end and decide to hand it off or pass or run play the one that the USC defense just couldn’t handle and I think he handed it off once of twice for a thouchdown off that play and ran it twice for the TD

  7. Easy Jay, Norm Chow obviously knows something about Paris Hilton Leinert that we don’t, hmmmm, what could that be, tapping fingers

  8. hey i know that this is a USC site, but hey TEXAS is king of Football in the USA, everyone knows that. and Cali is a distant second. Hey we should both be proud that the titans got White and Young..but we all know that Young was the best quarterback in the draft and to his defense, the guy is not dumb at all he is intelligent. Okay he didnt do well on a standarized test, like some of you who barley got into usc..anyway white and young best picks the titans could ask for. and yes uscb could not stop the zone read, it made frostee rucker look like a frozen d-end all night

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