USC’s Prof. Diana York Blaine

Let us bring you up to speed on this one.

Professor Diana York Blaine, a self-proclaimed resident Feminist Theorist at USC, has pissed off the guys at Cardinal Martini who found naked pictures of the professor (NSFW), which ended up as a story on NBC4 News.

The professor has written some outlandish things in the Daily Trojan:

So if a few bad eggs don’t respect women’s right to decide if to have sex with them, why should I hold the whole football team accountable? Because I do.

And on her personal blog:

I haven’t any idea what happened, haven’t heard from the women’s spy network on this one yet and may never, so of course I have no way of knowing Sanchez’s guilt or innocence. I do have history to go on, which suggests that smoke indicates fire and that the person who started the fire often walks away unscathed, unlike the victims, who remain deeply scarred forever.

Ummm, ok.

Rape is a heinous, horrible, despicable crime, but a false accusation can make men victims too.

And in such instances where there is seemingly limited evidence except one person’s word against another, we’re disgusted to see LAPD Chief Bratton apparently observing Ms. Blaine’s smoke/fire rules for arresting Mark Sanchez.

Peoples lives and reputations are at stake here, and making “examples” of public figures to show that you are tough on everyone is just plain wrong.

Kyle Bunch

Partnerships for R/GA Ventures. Raised in California, adopted by Texas. Opinions expressed here are mine and they are fantastic.

6 thoughts on “USC’s Prof. Diana York Blaine

  1. Ahh yes, “where there’s smoke, there’s fire”

    That’s the slogan of many a just society.

    And it’s nice….doesn’t contradict that whole “innocent until proven guilty” concept at all.

    Nice to see those USC tuition dollars hard at work, filling little girls’ heads with such a lovely world view.

  2. Hey, stop thinking with your penises for a moment! When you do, you’ll realize that every single male in America is culpable for every single rape that has ever occured through history; in fact, when you think about it, childbirth is a kind of sexual assault!

  3. Innocent until proven guilty is thinking with your penis? Sounds like you’re thinking is done for you by gloria allred. Open your eyes, read a little jon. P.s. there are cases of women raping men. sounds strange, I admit, but there have been prosecutions.

  4. Blaine sounds like she is off the deep end but you can’t conclude that Bratton has “bought in” to her thinking. Sanchez is innocent until proven guilty but there sounds like there was more than enough to warrant an arrest and investigation. Don’t worry: the DA’s office always goes easy on SC athletes.

  5. Could you put back the girl from ohio st. after looking at that hideous bitch i need an eye fix. blahhh! What the fuck is that bitch thinking?

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