Something is changing at Notre Dame

Greg Couch of the Chicago Sun-Times writes:

Notre Dame used to put itself above self-promotion and manufactured hype, above what everyone else does. Now, it is becoming one of the gang.

…and nothing happens there without the stamp of coach Charlie Weis.

Tom Zbikowski fighting at MSG, Charlie Weis singing “Take me out to the ballgame” at Wrigley Field, we can guarantee you this article would NOT have been written had this guy not stepped out of a stretch white Hummer at the College Football Hall of Fame to announce his commitment to Notre Dame.

ND becoming all it once was against [Chicago Sun-Times]

Kyle Bunch

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4 thoughts on “Something is changing at Notre Dame

  1. While I always respected Notre Dame for their tradition and classy program, this whole thing started when Willingham was fired. At that moment, Notre Dame became just like any other school, which was something they tried not to be. Weis is doing a great job, but Notre Dame will never mean the same to most people. But then again, winning makes you forget about everything.

  2. Cleary Mr. Couch has forgotten about the Four Horsemen. And “Golden Boy” Paul Hornung. And Joe Theismann changing the pronunciation of his last name to rhyme with Heisman. Notre Dame has always used the press to keep the ND name in the public eye.

    These “ND has sold its soul” articles are just as under-researched and predictable as the “everything changed when ND fired Ty” responses. Like Ty, Rockne’s replacement only lasted 3 years too. Except he had a better winning percentage than Willingham.

  3. The criticisms are ironic considering USC invites entertainment stars to practice, the coach stages high profile practical jokes that end up covered by the media, and a quarterback (now former) dates Paris Hilton.

  4. Are you kidding – Notre Dame coaches have always used the media to hype the football team, back to the days of the prototype college coach, knute Rockne. See Murray Sperber’s book, “Shake Downn the Thunder: The History of Notre Dame Football” for details. That is how we are a national, not just a regional power.

    Weis is trying to add a little luster to the program, and it isn’t anything USC wouldn’t do. Share the spotlight a bit with your Midwestern neighbors L.A.!

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