Frostee gets burned by old girlfriend

Charges have been filed against former USC defensive end Frostee Rucker for two counts of spousal battery and two counts of vandalism.

The alleged incident occurred over 9 months ago in Frostee’s apartment.

Why are charges being brought now? And what property did the complaining witness have vandalised that was inside Frostee’s apartment?

Bengals’ pick Rucker faces battery, vandalism charges [ESPN]

Kyle Bunch

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6 thoughts on “Frostee gets burned by old girlfriend

  1. I hear that he took the phone out of her hand and she took out her blackberry and Frostee took it from her and smashed it. She took a picture of an alleged bruise on her wrist from when he wrested the phone from her. They separated amidst some back and forth allegations of infidelity that were going on since they were in school. (Yawn!) He has stopped talking to her these days. The story is that she wants to sue him for distress. I got this from a directly involved party. I couldn’t listen to anymore. Who I heard it from probably should have checked them but he’s grown so…

  2. Sounds like she proposed and he said no, so she having a tantrum that could cost him some bucks! sounds like gold digger syndrome!

  3. doubt that anyone reads this but the ex was psychoticly obsessed with him. the stories of abuse was just one of the many vicious lies she was spreading around after he refused to have anything to do with her. she wasn’t a gold digger but she did think of herself as the future mrs rucker even after he broke up with her a few months before the august incident. funny how no articles ever mention how he tried to get a restraining order on her or how she broke in to his apt in the middle of the night and left a gash on his chest or how she constantly harrassed girls he dated after her. joelle barchan (she likes to refer to herself as joelle ashley) will stop at nothing until she has done as much damage as she possibly can to frost. those who really know frost know that he may not be the most honest or faithful man but he would never intentionaly harm someone he cared about

  4. Frostee Rucker is a pig. He’s an abusive, disgusting swine. Funny how everyone chooses to ignore his past and place the blame on joelle simply because they are familiar with his name. If any of you actually knew this asshole, you’d understand how much sense this case makes. He’s a disgusting pig, practically a rapist and a disease-ridden rodent that should have never been allowed into the league.

  5. frostee rucker is a very aggressive and abusive human being. i saw them both at a party he was drunk and started yelling at her then spit on her face in front of everyone. i can only imagine what he did behind closed doors.

  6. reply to Big Guns, i know Joelle personally. she was NOT psychoticly obsessed with him. she just loved him. its almost like a typical break up with more drama thanks to him, and she was stupid enough to stay thinking he would change and she believed his lies whenever he would text/IM/or say “i love you” and all that bullshit.

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