Ducks get uglier


Honestly folks, you can’t make this stuff up. Oregon’s got new uniforms–again. Believe it or not, they’ve found a way to wack their old look with the ugly stick a few more times for the new edition. A quick poll of reactions from around the country says it all:

…we couldn’t help but note the new Oregon Ducks football uniforms, which they call “the next step in uniform development,” which we suppose is true if that step involves playing football during an Elton John concert.

The Wizard of Odds:
Oregon may have cornered the market when it comes to ugly uniforms and the team is at it again.

Everyday Should Be Saturday:
Cirrhosis of the eye.

The MZone:
Finally, can somebody explain the criss-crossed silver things on the sleeves and knees? Seriously. It looks like it was inspired by the metal floors you find on a warehouse loading dock. Either that or tire treads on an F-150. But then that seems to imply somebody ran over your ass which isn’t the image a football team usually seeks to portray.

Just for fun, try contrasting this story and the “who cares” Duck fan reaction with what happened in Buckeye Country when they talked about losing a little grey.

Kyle Bunch

Partnerships for R/GA Ventures. Raised in California, adopted by Texas. Opinions expressed here are mine and they are fantastic.

13 thoughts on “Ducks get uglier

  1. does it matter ugly is ugly those guys aren’t players for oregon they had to get paid to wear those things, they’re smart enough to know when they “have” to wear those things! i mean blaaahhh!

  2. I believe that the ducks jerseys are the greatest jerseys ever to be made. Maybe its because i love the ducks but every jersey they have came out with i loved. Go ducks

  3. I think it’great to see new uniforms. Is any mention made of other teams uniforms??!! Anyway, forget the uniform, how well do they play?

  4. The Ducks uniforms are BEAST. Best looking uniforms out there. Only the Hurricanes even come close. And if you don’t know what Grid Iron is, maybe you should go back to Soccer.

  5. the ducks are LEGIT!!
    and they’re uniforms kick ass… best looking ones i’ve seen out there… fuck you haters.

    GO DUCKS, we bleed green and gold!!!

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