USC band to move to Sun Deck


The greatest marching band of all-time will no longer sit between the 10 and 30 inside the student section.

The move to the Sun Deck is obviously first and foremost to accomodate more season ticket holders, but there is a chance that this new set-up could project better sound to everyone in the Coliseum.

Too bad for the band though. Their football seats just got a serious downgrade.

USC band sent marching out of usual Coliseum spot [LA Daily News]

Kyle Bunch

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6 thoughts on “USC band to move to Sun Deck

  1. As a member of the band, man this sucks. This view makes Reggie’s run against Fresno harder to see, and appreciate. Lame.

  2. Garrett is really starting to frustrate me as a student. Two years ago you could get several football guest tickets in the student section for any non-UCLA/Notre Dame game, then last year it was cut down to 1 each game, now this year zero for football AND basketball games.

    And now moving the band. Rumors are the student section is gonna be jammed further towards the endzone as well.

  3. That sucks for the band. To me, it obviously sounds like the athletic department just wants more money and are using the whole “better acoustics for the rest of the stadium” excuse to make the band and fans feel better. As a student, its pretty cool being next to the band because it juices you up for all the games, but I guess expenses run high for all those blue chip recruits.

  4. I don’t know. Sucks for the band members, I guess. But I kind of like the way the stadium lays out with the band sort of isolated like that…almost like a stage…and if that’s the visiting team’s endzone at the end of the game, I think it gives us an advantage as that will be a much louder corner than it used to be.

  5. This has less to do with Garrett and everything to do with Pete. The fact is that years ago you could get guest tickets in the student section because the team sucked – to put it frankly. For each year Pete remains the coach the team sucks less and the tickets get harder to obtain. These days the team can draw 90,000 to the Coliseum by playing Bowling Green. There are those who would pay big money to get the seats the band was occupying and football is a business. Students want nice new amenities but they don’t realise that new dorms and basketball arenas come at a price. Sample is milking this while he can to get the most out of a good thing. As much as we love Pete we would be foolish to think this ride can last forever.

  6. I would like to comment on the annoying speakers placed at the north end of the field facing the crowd during the game Saturday. They were so loud and obnoxious, that everyone was ready jump ship. I love the band, but not jammed down my throat. We can actually hear the band better now than we could before, because they’re directly across from us. Please turn off the speakers – we don’t need them. And tell the cheerleader who yelled over them to “cool it”. Just take the speakers away.

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