BlogPoll: Our Preseason Top 25 (6-10)

As promised, we continue our march through the Preseason Top 25 with numbers 6-10, featuring the likes of Texas, Cal, Oklahoma, Miami and Louisville. Enjoy.

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6. Texas
Some of you will try to make something out of our "slighting" of Texas
at #6.  And to be honest, we would given the ‘Horns the nod over us
(not to mention Auburn and Notre Dame); but we watched every single
Texas game the past two seasons.  We know how close the team came to
defeat in places like Stillwater — hell, we had major social functions
disrupted entirely to witness these near misses.  Every time, it was
that same #10 who brought them back.   Even as the team got MORE
talented last season, they relied even more on Vince.  And more
importantly, we remember what all of YOU Texas fans told us about Mack
Brown, after watching him coach your team to a loss in every big game
during his first four years on the job — he’s just not that good of a
coach….and he sounds like a woman.

7. Cal
The lynchpin of the Cal offense, Marshawn Lynch, is set to run
for the Bears. Tedford should get significant improvement at the QB
spot. And after that 2004 game at the Coliseum, we’d almost rather have
to play Cal on the road.

8. Oklahoma
This is the school that made Jason White a Heisman-winning QB, so
no, we do not sweat Rhett (Bomar). Adrian Peterson will be back
it, all-day. But the biggest reason we like
Oklahoma this year is their defense — from the
D-Line to the Linebacker’s and DB’s — it’s like Cobra Kai — no

9. Miami (Florida)
With other teams, offseason turmoil and extracurricular indiscretions
are cause for serious alarm.  With Miami, it’s par for the course.  Of
course, with four
starters out for the opener
against Florida State, the rest of the
team better step up or start the year by taking a tumble down the

10. Louisville
The Cardinals have the "other" Bush. A 250-pound RB that has
both speed and receiving ability to complement a talented, NFL-ready
QB in Brian Bohm. Together, these players, playing at home, make a
tough road game for Miami. If Louisville wins that game, and that will
be a big win, they could easily run the table.

Previously TrojanWire’s BlogPoll Preseason Picks #1-5

Kyle Bunch

Partnerships for R/GA Ventures. Raised in California, adopted by Texas. Opinions expressed here are mine and they are fantastic.

3 thoughts on “BlogPoll: Our Preseason Top 25 (6-10)

  1. Good 6-10. I don’t see Texas being half as dominant until they have a QB that steps up, and even then can they step up like VY did? Miami looks good, but we’ll see really quickly. Overall good poll, plus the Karate Kid reference was the shit.

  2. I think that Texas should be #1 until they lose. They beat us in the Rose Bowl and return 16 starters. If you drop them down to #6 just because of one player, shouldn’t we drop more for losing 2 Heisman winners? You guys need to be less biased.

  3. Less biased? Go visit and have a ball ,trojanfloyd. You don’t keep the previous national champion at #1 until they lose, thats ridiculous. In that case, wouldn’t you keep the runner up the previous year at #2? Absolutely not. Preseason polls take a pointless stab at who you think are the top 25 teams entering the season. Preseason polls don’t really amount to much in the long run, unless you are Auburn 2004. If you want to pin Texas at #1 because they won the Rose Bowl, go right ahead. If you think Texas will run the table with a freshman quarterback, put them #1. But if you think like most people and feel that there will be a SIGNIFICANT drop-off in Austin, then do your research and pick 25 teams and rank them. However, if recent history is any indication of what might happen, USC at #1 isn’t biased at all.

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