The Top 20

Pete Carroll has said that he could use 20 players on defense. Let’s look at who will make up that rotation.

Starters first, in order of (our intrepretation) of Carroll’s favoritism:

1. Josh Pinkard, Safety, #36
2. Lawrence Jackson, Defensive End, #96
3. Oscar Lua, Linebacker, #45
4. Dallas Sartz, Linebacker, #42
5. Chris Barrett, Defensive Tackle, #91
6. Kevin Ellison, Safety, #4
7. Sedrick Ellis, Nose Tackle, #49
8. Kyle Moore, Defensive End, #84
9. Keith Rivers, Linebacker, #55
10. Terrell Thomas, Cornerback, #28
11. Kevin Thomas, Cornerback, #15

Then the reserves (still in terms of Carroll’s favor):

12. Rey Maualuga, Linebacker, #58
13. Brian Cushing, Linebacker/Defensive End, #10
14. Fili Moala, Defensive Tackle, #75
15. Kaluka Maiava, Linebacker, #43
16. Jeff Schweiger, Defensive End, #54
17. Cary Harris, Cornerback, #7
18. Thomas Williams, Linebacker, #41
19. Antwine Perez, Safety, #6
20. Taylor Mays, Safety, #29

Surely this list is debatable, but it should be a good indicator of who to watch for tomorrow. Expect the Arkansas offense to be running some no-huddle to limit SC’s defensive substitutions though.

Kyle Bunch

Partnerships for R/GA Ventures. Raised in California, adopted by Texas. Opinions expressed here are mine and they are fantastic.

2 thoughts on “The Top 20

  1. Good list but I thought Mays was a beast and Perez dissappointing during camp. That is all hearsay…

    Rey and Cushing are going to get a helluva lotta plays. Schwieger is going to get his fair share as well.

  2. rey…he rapes men and loves penis too…thats why he’s a stud on the football field…kuz he’s attacking that ASS…lol

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