Josh Pinkard Out for Season

The Trojans’ defense got some shitty news today —

Josh Pinkard is officially out for the season, after an MRI on Tuesday revealed a torn anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee. Pinkard told reporters that he heard his right knee “crack” while covering a punt against the Razorbacks last Saturday night, on a play in the fourth quarter (when the Trojans were up 44-14).

Dallas Sartz, Antwine Perez, and Taylor Mays will fill the shoes of Pete Carroll’s #1 Guy at free safety. Only good news — Pinkard’s injury comes early enough that he’s eligible for a medical redshirt, and could return as a junior next season. He should have surgery on his knee sometime in the next couple weeks.

Josh Pinkard’s 2006 Campaign is Done [The Fanhouse]

Kyle Bunch

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3 thoughts on “Josh Pinkard Out for Season

  1. Why the hell was our starting Safety even in the game with the score 44-14 and less than five minutes to go? Coach Carroll – that’s ridiculous man. Protect your starters for god’s sakes.

  2. People complained about special teams last year. You put starters in there to get them reps as a unit. The best way to get them reps is during a blowout with lots of kickoff plays. There are not a lot of special teams plays in a game and there’s not a lot of time in practice. If you want effective special teams play you need to play them as a unit.

  3. You support risking getting starters hurt to allow them to get reps on special teams in a blowout? Come on. Then you must agree that Booty should have stayed in the entire game to get experience too, since he’s so inexperienced – and who cares if some third string Razorback defender falls on Booty’s knee or something.
    I recognize the need to have more starters than preferred play on special teams due to lack of production there last year. But I totally disagree they should be there in a blowout.

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