8clapsports: Rapidly Becoming the Greatest Thing Ever Done by a Bruin

For those who missed it — late last week, a site called 8clapsports emerged on the college sports radar and introduced us all to the man known as Hugh Johnson — the greatest Bruin fan that ever lived. The world hasn’t been the same since.

Ladies and gentlemen, Hugh Johnson is back this week, with thrilling Utah game analysis on location at the Rose Bowl:

What did Karl Dorrell do? He brought down the Whammy!

Best of all — Hugh didn’t give us just one video, but two — one covering the Bruins’ first performance, one addressing the rumors that he might be a Trojan in Bruins’ clothing:

Is this all an increasingly elaborate prank or just a mentally-deranged Bruin fan with way too much time on his hands? Tune in next week as we delve deeper into the most bizarre set of web video clips this side of the Hanso Foundation.

8clapsports.com – UCLA vs Utah Part 1 [YouTube]
8clapsports.com – UCLA vs UTAH Part 2 [YouTube]
Bruin Brings Down Whammy on Internet Rumors [The Fanhouse]

Kyle Bunch

Managing Director, Social at R/GA. Co-founder of Blogs with Balls and future owner of the MLB's Austin Bats.

2 thoughts on “8clapsports: Rapidly Becoming the Greatest Thing Ever Done by a Bruin

  1. My money is on Hugh having the last laugh when UCLA beats our Trojans this season. Watch as he solidifys himself with the fans and the nation this year. I hate to say it, but watch out.

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