Maxwell Punditry: Vote #2

troysmith-tre.jpgWe were conspicuously absent from Maxwell Pundit vote #1, but we’re back with a vengeance for week 2. Here’s how we see the top of the heap in college football:

1.) Troy Smith (Ohio State)
He won the biggest game of the year so far, and honestly, he’s got to be our #1 just for that corner-of-the-endzone pass to Ginn. A perfect bomb, right where it needed to be. Spectacular.

2.) John David Booty (USC)
Sure he had the week off. But his opening on the road was still the most impressive non-Buckeye performance of the season, placing him at #2 (for now — another solid turnover-free performance against Nebraska this week could put him up at #1).

3.) Steve Slaton (West Virginia)
100+ yards on 8 carries? Assuming he can shine against a legitimate BCS team (i.e. Louisville), Slaton could quickly make himself a Maxwell lock the way he’s playing right now.

4.) Tom Zbikowski (Notre Dame)
Notre Dame looked good against Penn State, there’s no denying that. But there’s just no way we can give a nod to Brady Quinn at this point (see explanation below). On the other hand, Zbikowski and his amped-up pick+runback to put the dagger in the Nittany’s back — now that we can give props to.

5.) Adrian Peterson (Oklahoma)
Looked good against Washington, in a game that Oklahoma should have won much more decisively. After two games, there’s little doubt watching the Sooners — Oklahoma’s entire season rests on how well AD runs.

Under Consideration / Keeping An Eye On…

Brady Quinn (Notre Dame)
We know, eventually he’s probably going to crack our Top 5. But everyone’s heir apparent to Matt Leinart on the college football landscape (or at least its magazine covers) just hasn’t impressed us enough, even in the big win over Penn State. So let us enjoy our Quinnless Top 5 as long as we can.

Rudy Carpenter (Arizona State)

James Laurinaitis (Ohio State)
Did somebody say Katzenmoyer?

Kenny Irons (Auburn)
Dissing Kenny in favor of Adrian Peterson is a pretty close call. Kenny’s game vs. LSU and Adrian’s game vs. Oregon could lead to a quick reversal.

Erik Ainge (Tennesee)
His uncle is still figuring out how to screw this up for young Erik. Ask any Celtics fan — give it time, Danny will find a way.

Kyle Bunch

Partnerships for R/GA Ventures. Raised in California, adopted by Texas. Opinions expressed here are mine and they are fantastic.

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