Maxwell Punditry: Vote #8

Consider this the ultra-brief edition — we’re using that as our out, since the field is pretty uninspiring right at the moment. With a balanced Michigan team getting contributions from a number of different players, it looks like Troy Smith’s to lose at this point; but don’t discount the darkhorse Booty, who could make a serious push with big games against Cal, Oregon and Notre Dame:

1.) Troy Smith, Ohio State
2.) Steve Slaton, West Virginia
3.) Lamarr Woodley, Michigan
4.) Marshawn Lynch, Cal (due in large part to his driving skills)
5.) TIE — Limas Sweed, Texas / John David Booty, USC

Kyle Bunch

Partnerships for R/GA Ventures. Raised in California, adopted by Texas. Opinions expressed here are mine and they are fantastic.

14 thoughts on “Maxwell Punditry: Vote #8

  1. You are high once again Booty’s stats suck. Our offense is down almost 100 yards passing per game vs. last year. Brady Quinn is 10 times better and his stats tell the truth. Lets not be complete homers site.

  2. Please, oh enlightened ‘dude’ — provide us with YOUR top 5, since you seem to be such a college football expert….

    (I’m going to assume that silence I hear is you finding somebody else to write another term paper for you.)

  3. Booty is 6-0. Every 6-0 team that isn’t in the Big East is getting love up there — and USC is not going to be any exception. In the absence of a Leinart or Bush who’s the clear cut star, we give the nod to Booty, who again, is 6-0 as a starting QB, on an injury-plagued team no less.

    If we wanted a QB with impressive “stats”, we’d put the NCAA’s top-rated passer, Colt Brennan up there.

    As for Brady Quinn — yeah, he looked AWESOME against Michigan. And really held his own against UCLA. What were we thinking omitting him?

    Dude — we all know you’re really a Notre Dame fan at heart. Maybe you could spare us the Irish homerism from now on.

  4. Dude says “Let’s not be a complete homers site”. Why the hell not? It’s isn’t it? We can hype Booty up all we want. As for Quinn, he doesn’t need any hype from a website, NBC does enough of that for him and that over-rated Irish fraud squad. Funny how many ND fans visit this site – they must all be secretely aspiring to be Trojans! ha ha!

  5. Just to address the first accusation — we actually huff airplane glue before making every single post on TrojanWire.

    So yeah, you caught us dude. Totally high.

  6. (I’m going to assume that silence I hear is you finding somebody else to write another term paper for you.)

    You don’t know shit about me Greg, but as they say A students work for C students so if you need a job let me know.

  7. Whoever Dude is he has a point. Some had Quinn higher in the draft than Leinart had he left.
    John David Booty, 131 207 1357 63.3 6.6 13 4

    Brady Quinn, N Dame 175 278 1938 63.0 7.0 18 4

    Plus Quinn’s stats vs Troy Smith’s stats vs. the same teams is not even close.

  8. Quinn sucks. Nov 25th, Brady Quinn will OFFICIALLY be taken off the list when Murderer’s Row ends his life. Probably by Big Rey or maybe Keith Rivers

  9. dude, who are you taking my name. I am the dude!

    But I, the dude, agree with you, dude, that putting him the top 5 is crazy. Sheesh, I’d put Sanchez higher than him, and I’m pretty sure that the fact that Sanchez didn’t start this season only means that Carroll’s mantra that everyone gets to come in and compete on an equal footing is a lie, at least at the QB spot. Booty did the right thing and didn’t transfer, and now Carrol is doing the right thing and letting him start.

    But just forget about the stats for a moment. It seems to me like there is no question that Booty does not have that je-ne-sais-quoi that permitted those last minute heroics last week against UCLA by Notre Dame. I, personally, am still hung up on a cut the camera took to Booty’s face last year when came out after throwing an interception and he was chuckling and joking around on the sidelines, which seemed quite revealing.

    There’s talent, which Booty has a healthy dose of, but isn’t off the charts with, there’s coaching, where he probably rates highest, and then there’s the psychological junk, where he’s probably not quite up to snuff.

    As long as you’ve got Slaton on the list, why not add Pat White? He’s a gamer, and moreover, he’s small enough that every time he scrambles, he’s quite literally running like his life depends on it.

  10. The Dude abides, but honestly there is only one Dude.

    I have been the dude before there was The Dude and white Russians.

    I do like your points however.

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