Action News Power Rankings: Week 11

Two straight weeks with the Trojans at #2. Feels cold. So very cold.

T-Wire/Action News Pac-10 Power Rankings – Week 11

Cal - Wes Mantooth1.) Cal

Just proud as a peach to spend another week at the top (even though that game with the girl gave them a bit of a scare). But at least some of the Bears aren’t letting the bubbles go to their brain.

USC - Ron Burgundy2.) USC

The final stretch of Brick, Mantooth, the Lucky Charms Leprechaun, and Veronica. And so it begins.

Oregon - Brick Tamland3.) Oregon

Gave Ed Harken a nice chocolate covered squirrel. Next up, Homecoming at Ron’s Place.

Oregon State - Frank Vitchard4.) Oregon State

No letdown after their big win against Papa Burgundy. Took Fantana out back and hosed him down.

Washington State - Garth Holliday5.) Washington State

Somebody finally calmed Garth down after that whole ‘poop mouth’ tantrum. Finally.

Arizona - Champ Kind6.) – TIE Arizona

These next four are just too hard to call….

Washington - Ed Harken6.) – TIE Washington

…one week they look like they are working hard to state their case for 2nd worst team in the Pac-10….

UCLA - Veronica Corningstone6.) – TIE UCLA

…the next they’re playing big and almost winning a game against #1…

ASU - Brian Fantana6.) – TIE Arizona State

…and then it’s right back to looking like crap.

Stanford - Public TV News Anchor10.) Stanford

At this point, 42-0 is a moral victory for the Cardinal. On a sidenote, a friend of TrojanWire spent Saturday night embroiled in political debate with Tim Robbins (who plays the Cardinal mascot/public broadcaster) that ended in Robbins screaming “fuck you!” and flipping off our friend. And he didn’t even mention Mission to Mars.

Kyle Bunch

Partnerships for R/GA Ventures. Raised in California, adopted by Texas. Opinions expressed here are mine and they are fantastic.

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