Vote Leinart for Sportshuman of ’06

From Deadspin:

Since Sports Illustrated is making its unveiling of the 2006 Sportsman Of The Year award into a two-month enterprise, we figured we could do the same thing. Therefore, we are introducing the Deadspin Sportshuman Of The Year tournament, where 16 nominees will compete for the sainted title. We’ve put together the seeding, and you’ll vote every Tuesday and Thursday to narrow the field down to one winner at the end of the year.

leinart-nfl-draft.jpgIn true tourney style, the early match is an 8-9 game, pitting our own Matt Leinart against Rick “How about that George Clooney?” Sutcliffe. While we can’t fault anyone for voting for Sutcliffe’s Hall of Fame performance (mp3) — making a drunken guest appearance in the announcers’ booth after spending the day partying with Bill Murray — we encourage you to support Matt and give him your vote.

In case you forgot, in 2006 he managed to make a successful* transition from college QB legend to starting pro QB, escape from Paris Hilton’s bed without any visible signs of infestation, and sire his first heir. All in one year. Give the man some props. TrojanWire loyalists, start your ballot-stuffin’ engines.

It worked last time — so, let it ride. VOTE HERE

Introducing The Deadspin Sportshuman Of The Year Tournament [Deadspin]

* – Yeah, we’re well aware that Leinart hasn’t been perfect for the Cardinals. We’re gonna go ahead and blame more of that on Denny Green and a paperthin offensive line than Matt.

Kyle Bunch

Partnerships for R/GA Ventures. Raised in California, adopted by Texas. Opinions expressed here are mine and they are fantastic.

One thought on “Vote Leinart for Sportshuman of ’06

  1. Matt Leinart will always have my vote. I consider him to be one of the USC players who made history even if he didn’t stay that extra year. He is brave and deserves any award if the vote depends on me.

    Do you know W. admitted he lied? Oh, noes! Drop by, please.

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