USC lost to this guy?



Pardon us while we go drink a bottle of Proactiv.

Kyle Bunch

Managing Director, Social at R/GA. Co-founder of Blogs with Balls and future owner of the MLB's Austin Bats.

46 thoughts on “USC lost to this guy?

  1. I cant believe it…
    Give credit where credit is due they played a good game…what the hell happened to Dwayne and JD??? we had no running game…oh well..
    Bring on Michigan!!!

  2. I cant believe it…
    Give credit where credit is due they played a good game…what the hell happened to Dwayne and JD??? we had no running game…oh well..
    Bring on Michigan!!!

  3. We better Win the Rose Bowl this year!!!!!!!!!
    Hope ucla gets shutout vs florida st in the bowl game.
    I HATE UCLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Ucla is so damm lucky they suck.
    Usc should of won that fucking game if pete carrol was acutally a smart defensive coach. i can coach d better than him

  5. i hate ucla even more!!! but sc did a great job – we had one of the hardest schedule across the nation, and still came back to no. 2 in the end with a FRESH new team without leinart, bush and lendale. great job for carroll and jd and the rest of the team. jarrett was a bit quiet today but i still can’t forget his one-handed catch last week!! nothing we haven’t seen from him before!! that even got a huge ut fan to root for sc! and for this game, i loved how after the interception, one of our d’s was trying to punch the ball out repeatedly… that’s sc man.. keep on fighting till the end!! now it’s to the rose bowl again to probably beat lsu! them fawkers. fight on, bitches!

  6. We got outplayed and out coached….period! UCLA’s ‘D’line was all over our vaunted Offense.
    PC has given the Offensive duties to Sarkisian, and the Defensive duties to Holt, so now that the team is on auto pilot, what the hell does he do? defensive genius….my ass!

    Florida and Michigan will both move above SC in the BCS, maybe LSU as well.

    I’ve had my doubts about Booty all season, tonight really reinforced my suspicions, I would really like to see Sanchez get some playing time.

  7. i cant fuckin believe it..horrible type of offense what so ever..and the offensive live was pissed scared of uclas defensive ends..i really REALLY wanna see mark sanchez..i suspected booty alllll fuckin year..they played with no heart..truly disappointed in SC..they better win the rose bowl or god help me..

  8. Funny how FUCLA has to come on here to see what USC is doing after they win. I bet USC was just too disgusted by the pizza faced QB and ugly powder blue and baby shit “gold” uniforms that FUCLA threw at us. And, I’m sorry, FUCLA, but what BCS game are you going to? Oh, that’s right, you aren’t. We lose to you and we still go to a bowl game. God, you must hate us.

  9. Hey, weren’t you guys supposed to go to the NC Game? Whoops! That’s what happens when you think you’re invincible. Oh, and by the way, didn’t ND beat UCLA? That hurts.

  10. I’ve never seen so many idiotic comments on both sides.

    The Trojans were flat, and tired. The OL got their butts beat on nearly every play. UCLA’s extra week of prep was used brilliantly as they stopped the most impressive offensive in college football the last four year.

    SC’s defense was again solid, so stop all the griping about PC sucking. You’re morons.

    Booty played a solid game, but had guys in his face nearly the entire time.

    And UCLA also shut down the run, especially in the second half.

    Hats off to the Bruins – they pulled a masterpiece. Still a very good year for what was supposed to be a ‘rebuilding’ year. Yes, it hurts, but let’s go out with a positive on a Rose Bowl victory.

  11. why did’nt we ever throw the long ball to DJ?? It was there for the taking. We were much to conservative. They were playing good D but we could of atleast got a call on it!!! We played a much better notre dame team and won!!! I don’t think blameing carrol is the answer. the players just did’nt have it in them today!!! next year we run the table!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. yes we did lose to Ucla, were is notre dame now!!!!!! That’s what I thought!!! It was a hard loss but we were never supposed to be here in the first place.. Some say…. whatch out for next year!!!! Carrol will have this team ready for another NC run…..

  13. Sure, UCLA fans are on here. Don’t remember how many SC fans jumped on the various Bruin boards last year? Short memories. You may rationalize, you may hypothesize, you may ostracize, but you will never have the 60 minutes of football played this afternoon back ever again. Those minutes are blue and gold.

    The Germans have a wonderful term for this, schadenfreude.

  14. USC choked. They got too full of themselves and didn’t show up. Hats off to UCLA but if USC can’t beat them when a NC shot is on the line then they do suck.

  15. The God Awful Truth:

    USC offensive coordinator did not utilize his running back and fullback all season for pass plays

    USC offensive coordinator Lane Kiffin did not provide his offensive line with any help from an extra tight end(s) to help against UCLA’s speedy defensive ends– thus Booty was rushed all game long. Seven points by USC offense should result in a long look why Kiffin is coaching at USC.
    Kiffin had no prior offensive coordinator experience before assuming the job. Hiring Kiffin has now cost the program millions of dollars from not playing in the championship game as well as damagin future recruiting.
    Get a clue–hire the best offensive and defensive coordinators you can get USC to work with the greatest talent source of recruting in America.

    Its a shame to think about the worst loss in the last thirty years to a 6-5 UCLA team that has given up 39 points to Washington State and 38 points to Cal. The USC players deserve good coaching.

  16. Paris? You’re knockin’ German and you’re “name” is Paris??? You’re kidding, right?

    And quoting another language is nerdy? My oh my…No wonder your academics are so way underwhelming.

  17. Classic USC/UCLA game today. Funny how much of a whiny bitch PC appears to be when SC loses, no help from the refs today like SC got with that quick whistle in the 2004 game when Reggie Bush fumbled. To Krystle boo hoo hoo, just go back to the ‘Hood and remember that your most well known alumnus is O.J. and that team you had no respect for beat you.

  18. SC has a great program and a fantastic coach…of course, that makes the Bruin victory that much more sweet!

    We are the mighty Bruins
    the best team in the west
    we marched right on to vic-tor-y
    and kicked the Trojans’ ass
    we are the mighty Bruins
    triumphant ever more
    you can hear
    from far and near
    that mighty Bruin roar!!!



  20. Domer Dude–

    You may feel better — you’re still a total fuckin’ loser. And worse yet, Karl “The Pizza Boy” Dorrell pulled off what Charlie “Mom Jeans” Weis couldn’t.

    Enjoy living thru the Bruins for a day….when you return from your delirium, YOUR team will still be a joke.

  21. Never was a Booty fan. Cha Cha Choke!! Bring up and bring on Mark for 2007. Gotta give the game ball to UCLA defensive coordinator. I heard him on the UCLA pre game show and he said he had Booty nailed….”We will beat USC today”. USC needs a new offensive look. Plan A and Plan B don’t work. It will take a plan C. to beat who ever else shows up in the Rose Bowl. Me thinks….LSU. Michigan gets their rematch and Florida is gonna be pissed.

  22. All you UCLA fans out there, I’ll admit it. You outplayed us. Plain and simple. We’re a better team, but I think the players underestimated you guys and thats what led to our downfall.

  23. What a joke. USC is terrible, and UCLA is equally bad. I’m very happy USC didn’t some how pull this out, becuase the Buckeyes would’ve absolutely massacred USC is everyway possible. What a pathetic game.

  24. To GoBucks,
    I hope Ohio State fans aren’t all like you, because if they are, I hope that the Bucks get their asses handed to them.

  25. I’m not a fan of UCLA, but I’m so happy that you guys lost. USC has the most arrogant fans in all of college football and you guys had already began talking trash to Ohio St before you had even beaten UCLA. Hilarious. Have fun in the consolation bowl.

  26. Trojans Fans. My prior point confirmed.
    Rationalize “You outplayed us. Plain and simple. We’re a better team, but I think the players underestimated you guys and thats what led to our downfall.” EXCUSE #1. Funny how an admission can so quickly be followed up with rationalization…It’s you, not us, wait it’s us, not you, no wait, it’s us and you…You play the game once. The better team won. Period.

    Hypothesize “I bet USC was just too disgusted by the pizza faced QB and ugly powder blue and baby shit “gold” uniforms that FUCLA threw at us.” EXCUSE #2. Huh? Unintelligle babble. Take a deep breath, you’re hyperventillating.

    Ostracize “PC has given the Offensive duties to Sarkisian, and the Defensive duties to Holt, so now that the team is on auto pilot, what the hell does he do? defensive genius….my ass!” and “i suspected booty alllll fuckin year” EXCUSE #3. One major (using the Prez’s words, all the..stats…were close, but the cumulative effect was a…) thumpin’ and it’s PC, no it’s Two-Name Booty, no it’s the offense…

    The house that PC built is gripping. Schadenfreude. This time, borrow a dictionary from your Bruin neighbor and look the word up.

  27. Bruin Fans–

    Quick National Championship comparison. I forget, how many do you guys have?


    Congrats on your win this year, you certainly earned it, despite whatever some fans here may say.

    But before you throw a parade, how about you join us in actually commanding some respect for the Pac-10 by winning more than 1 big game?

    Year after year, you and the rest of the Pac-10 only get up for USC (if even that), and then suck ass against other big opponents.

    We know, it’s fun beating us….but if you don’t go beat some other teams, it really doesn’t mean shit. Just like last year….1 big win per season doesn’t mean shit. Go beat ND, Cal, Oregon AND Arkansas…earn some national respect, not just some crosstown props.

    At this point, you’re resigning yourselves to being a minor league program, one that blows their wad over beating their rival once in 8 years. And you expect US to show you any respect? Please.

    As for you, Cruisin Bruin — don’t try to bust out ‘Schadenfreude’ and other big words if you can’t spell them right. Even after a big win, you’re still making yourself look like a pathetic, geeky loser.

  28. Max

    An intelligent response is surprising and I happen to agree with your Pac-10 comment, mostly of late though.

    Recent success has affected your memory. How about 9 times in the past 16 years?

    And with regard to “you and the rest of the Pac-10 only get up for USC (if even that),” did you forget about those Trojan football years with Tollner, Smith, Robinson Part 2 and Hackett? I suppose now looking back “year after year,” those were great times too. A few top 20 rankings, a couple of Rose Bowl wins over that span of coaches, and USC has always been the savior of the entire freakin’ Pac-10 conference? Thank the Football Gods that USC has been so great forever! Hate to admit it, but over the past 25 or so years, the SEC, Big 10, Big 8/12 and a little university called Miami dominated. So don’t go dropping that USC-sets-the-standard crap. People like beating USC, not because doing so is a barometer of the their program as you suggest, but much more because its fans are smug and arrogant.

    Congratulations, Trojan Fan, your arrogance and bravado have gloriously returned with your recent success (or did it ever really go away).

    By the way, no respectable athletic program (yes, even beyond football or D I, II, III) is satisfied with mediocrity, because it’s about the people on the teams and their fans. To suggest otherwise shows your myopic view of college athletics (yes, even football).

    And you still haven’t picked up the dictionary, or perhaps your spellchecker is turned off.

  29. 9 of 16?

    How’s 41 of 69 buddy? History doesn’t smile upon the Bruins in this rivalry, but feel free to keep trying to dice it up in a light that shines beyond this one victory.

    Nice try douchebag.

    I wasn’t referring about your spelling of “Schadenfreude” — I was talking about your misuse of words like “gripping” and misspelling of words like “Unintelligle” — when you’re describing somebody else’s babble, no less. Small rule of thumb — try to not babble unintelligibly yourself if you’re going to call someone out for it.

    I’d go on, but honestly, you keep making my jokes for me.

    And this is how you spend your victory weekend.

    Such a Bruin.

  30. Thought you’d pull that 41-69 card. Proves that you continue to totally miss the point. I had such hope too. Simply confirms that without college football, USC doesn’t mean much. Truly a greater inferiority complex. So much so, you’ve resorted to the easy way out, name calling.

    By the way, “spelling” is not synonymous with “misuse”. And the use of “gripping” is appropriate given my use of “house that PC built” as a reference to the Trojan Nation.

    Uh, with re: spelling, how should I interpret, “don’t try to bust out ‘Schadenfreude’ and other big words if you can’t spell *them* right”? The logical interpretation is “schadenfreude” is one of the misspelled words, no?

    “Unintelligle”? Well, darn it, you got me. A typo. But I didn’t realize “unintelligible” was a “big word.” Memo to me: When speaking to a Trojan, try to keep my words to less than 2 syllables. Oops there I go again!

    Finally, are you simultaneously sticking your tongue out when you write, “Helping Trojan fans to make more $$$ and giving them a straw man/dipshit to wail on”?

    Because $$$ doesn’t really matter. I just love the entertainment. Schadenfreude (appropriately used and spelled, by the way).

  31. So what is your point, Cruisin Bruin?

    You’ve spent the better part of your afternoon here and failed to get it across; so please, don’t let me get you all flustered and bring on typos as you approach the mic.

    It’s all yours. Make your point. Enlighten us unwashed USC masses.

  32. And what name did I call you? A Bruin?

    At this point, I start wondering if I’m actually arguing with an uppity 12-year old. You fail to address any of the myriad holes I poke in your arguments, and keep coming back for more with the zeal of somebody who’s dodging a homework assignment.

  33. Huh?

    Poked “myriad holes”? You give yourself way too much credit.

    “Make your point”? Your engaging in this is the point. Really, Max, who the hell cares?

  34. And Dad? There seems to be an editor online. One of Max’s previous comments contained the quote I used, but it’s not there anymore.

    Not that it really matters. I really don’t care. But driving a Dodge Stratus says more positive things about a person than a Mercedes.
    Then again, what does an alleged “uppity 12 year old” know?

  35. Trojan faithful-

    We beat you this year…DEAL WITH IT!!!! You can rationalize all you want by digging up some obscure stats and your put-downs. In the end, it won’t add to your nine point total your team put up on Saturday. Until next Dec, we rule LA. Btw, please paint in Victory Bell in Bruin blue and we’ll see you with our #1 basketball team on 1/13 at the Galen Center.

    GO BRUINS!!!!

  36. WOW! I had no idea u guys were soooo hurt… It just shows what sorry losers u are! Well at least we saved u the embarrasment of loosing at the championship game… WE WON and that is all that mattera and u can keep talking out of ur butts all u want because it won’t change the fact that UCLA won…ha ha ha

  37. How can u say that Pete Carroll did a bad job coaching the defense? UCLA scored 13 points!! I criticize the offense and some even the offensive line. They gave no time for Booty and weren’t any different with helping C.J. I hate UCLA as much as any SC fan, but admit it, they played excellent defense.
    One thing though, how can you go 10-2, lose to ur rival, and have a bad season, while Ucla can go 7-5, or whatever, beat their rival, and have a great season? Have fun in ur last-minute made up bowl! what’s the name of it again? Nobody knows where Ucla went. Ucla should give up the Rose Bowl to USC, we use it more than they do.

    FIGHT ON!!

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