Final College Football Rankings

From the not that it bloody matters department, but inquiring minds still want to know, where do you think USC fits in?

The AP and USA Today both voted USC at the 4 spot (behind #1 Florida, #2 Ohio State and #3 LSU).

But the always sage, Jeff Sagarin, has got USC at #2. And at #1 in his PURE POINTS ranking which he describes as “the best single PREDICTOR of future games.”

Oh.. if only.. there was a +1 playoff system.

Interesting side note: Sagarin ranks Louisville’s schedule as more difficult than Ohio State’s.

Jeff Sagarin NCAA football ratings [USAToday]
2006 College Football Rankings – Week 17 [ESPN]

Kyle Bunch

Partnerships for R/GA Ventures. Raised in California, adopted by Texas. Opinions expressed here are mine and they are fantastic.

0 thoughts on “Final College Football Rankings

  1. I’m not cool with 4. I’m now even more irritated Kiffin handed the bRUINS a Christmas gift as now I truly feel it cost us a Nat’l Title. It’s very obvious SC would have destroyed the flat slow inept Buckeyes.

    At least the outcome further devalues the BCS – since a deserving champion Florida wouldn’t have even been in the Championship game had SC not faultered royaly.

    How about a pay-per view playoff in February with the winners of Boise St/Florida and USC/LSU semi’s playing for a REAL CHAMPIONSHIP.

  2. usc is gay… haha.. soooo gayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! a bunch of spoiled little sh*ts!

  3. here we go folks it’s broke back jack, calling someone gay with a name like jay hoping someone will sword fight his way..he stress’s how much we’re gay but at the trailer park he wears a dress and hope’s a trojan would like to play… so if that’s all you have to say, i think we can pass on anything you toss our way so FUCK OFF TEXAS PIECE OF SHIT!

  4. Wow, great thread going right now…..

    So, just curious if there are rumblings out in Trojan land about Ken Norton leaving USC. Weis has a press conference scheduled for tomorrow and it’s most likely about firing and hiring a new Defensive Coordinator and the rumors flying around South Bend are that Ken Norton might be in the mix…..

  5. texas did’nt even finish in the top 10, the so what chimps are long forgotten, they went to the borrito bowl. and no one’s talking about texas. in fack the only way you get to hear about them is when gay jay show’s up! get use to it folk trailer park jack ass is like the buzzing of flies. your like lsu can’t follow through for back to back championships or defend your title, yeah we lost…but we got to defend our title. say the fuck what you want we finished 4th what’s that? what cha say 18th? start so high and finished way behind us which is some your use to, raping goats and all. folks when jay come’s to cali hide your pets! hide your pets!

  6. ok.. too bad we finished 13… stupid sh*t. next time get ur facts right.. wait.. do u guys hear that.. sounds like 41-38!!!! and i well already say it right now… Texas well finish ahead of USC(university of spoiled children) next year….guarentee… Colt McCoy is 10 times better than booty’s gay as* well ever be… and that f*g as* leinart..

  7. ok Jay is gay texas sucks hey buddy dont we have more national titles then you anyway?? but i was wondering when the tickets go on sale for the nebraska game cuz its a quick drive from my town and I want to go if anyone knows tell me please

  8. 13th, 18th. still dosen’t break into the top 10, your still behind us! gay jay your like poliester pant’s…trying to make a statement. where your your really obsolete and just don’t know it yet. if you think 41-38 is the thing you need to bring up everytime your a lot like your school reeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaal small. did you go to the burrito bowl dude, did mommy let you leave the trailer park? everybody dreams of finishing ahead but like they say out here who gives a shit about texas?

  9. You guys couldn’t beat slow Oregon State or Ucla and you almost lost to Wazzu….How many losses does a national champion get to have????

  10. Transitional properties… You said “how many losses does a national champ get” well to answer that how many losses does a superbowl champ get?? See your looking at it from an ignorant USC hater… Why dont you look at it as a fan of football and all organized sports?

  11. SD TROJAN- well thats wat makes college football differnt…. the only real loss that Texas had was against Ohio State… and there is no real shame in that, regardless of the championship game….. The game agaisnt Kansas state… if colt mccoy was healty.. easy win…. if he was healthy in the A&M game we would have killed him… usc is jsut gay and actually should have lost 3-4 games this year…

  12. ok well i didn’t know there where real and fake losses. Ok let’s look at it this way… if Jarrett would have been able to catch that two point conversion against OSU then we would have probably won and if our offensive coordinator would have actually called plays against ucla we would have won…. see how dumb that sounds well im just fuckign around and your being serious talking about your mediocre QB… Go back to fuckign your sheep and get off our site dumbass

  13. No real shame in losing to Ohio State??? omg Ohio State was riding an easy schedule and so was michigan and when they played real teams it showed. I hate you big 10 and big 12 lovers… you guys are so fucking blind and think that your po dunk teams are the best…

  14. which proves a point they grow em stupid in texas. this livestock lover is stuck in a time warp. everything he’ll post will end with 41-38! like it just happened yesterday! ELVIS AND BRUCE LEE, and TUPOC are willing to share they’re adress with you!

  15. he can never come up with anything better than 41-38 he acts as if its a sore subject. So what you won your first Nat’l title in how many years? And to say if Colt McCoy was back or healthy for those games you’re retarded. “if he was healthy in the A&M game we would have killed him” 1) it’s them…not him 2) He was just dismantled by A&M the blitz and 4 front they brought your mediocre o-line or QB couldn’t handle it. And i don’t care McCoy or no McCoy any team should of had an easy win against Kansas State so give me a break.

  16. Man talk about going negative…seems like SC has been getting slammed for a few years now except in the polls which is the only opinion that matters when it comes to national titles. I live in TX now and it truly sucked watching VY take over the Rose Bowl. But I will take SC’s Trophy case in Football and ALL sports over UT’s any day. Not even close really. UT is currently enjoying greater overall success in NCAA competition and congrats to them for that. But for UT fans to talk this kind of smack only makes them look worse when their team fails to back it up. UT will do well to finish in the top 10 next year while SC will be in the drivers seat for yet another national title. It just keeps getting better for SC. Fight On!!!

  17. Here we go again….Why in the world does the NCAA have such a yen for prosecuting U.S.C.

    It seems that they try to find anything they can to allow them to place sanctions against the Trojans (a private institution)while anything goes for the state universities such as L.S.U., U.C.L.A., Cal State. F.S.U., West Virginia, et al.

    The Trojans have a fine coaching staff that recruits vigorously and lands good talent.


    The Trojan coach, Pete Carroll, has always been a man of his word and honest in all activities relative to the NCAA rules for college football.

    He has a unique talent for coaching college athletes and building great teams and coaching staffs at this level. Thay is why he is so successful.


    Dear NCAA…..get a life.

  18. that’s becayse we’re the school they love to hate. we’re not out of the woods yet folks, hang on it’s going to be a bumpy ride!

  19. What gives with all this negativity and gay talk–that is so yesterday.
    More pressing is how SC keeps coming up on the NCAA radar screen. The guys that run that outfit are humorless and vindictive, and would love to run off a successful team. After the Trojans’ great run in the 1970s (the best team of the ’70s actually) the school went on probation in the ’80s and did not fully recover until Pete Carroll arrived.

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