Mitch Mustain Will Wear #13

Correct us if we’re wrong, but the last Trojan QB we remember to wear that number was this guy.


Kyle Bunch

Managing Director, Social at R/GA. Co-founder of Blogs with Balls and future owner of the MLB's Austin Bats.

0 thoughts on “Mitch Mustain Will Wear #13

  1. Mustain will wear #13 this year, which is currently worn by Stafon Johnson. But before you (the hypothetical worry-wart reader, not Rex Cramer specifically) get your panties in a wad, keep this in mind.

    1: Mitch can’t play this year, so there is no conflict on the field.
    2: Mitch wore #16 at Arkansas, which will be open next year when Michael McDonald leaves.

    My guess is #13 is just a practice squad place-holder for Mitch, and he’ll be in #16 next year.

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