Reggie Bush: A New Breed of Competition

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Why would the gorgeous Kim Kardashian chance losing Reggie Bush for this wannabe gangsta [right]?…Because this ninth-grade dropout is worth over 70 million dollars.

Meet 33 year old, Canadian hip hop mogul Scott Storch. He’s produced a wide range of artists from R-Kelly, 50 Cent and Beyonce to Christina Aguilera. Now it’s rumored that he’s “producing” Reggie’s new girl. And, no, I don’t mean musically.

I say good riddance. Although she is undeniably scorching hot, last thing Reggie Bush needs is another scandal. And Kardashian is as scandalous as it gets. Not only is she good friends with Matt Leinart’s (suspected) ex-romance, party-girl Paris Hilton, but Kardashian was brought into the media spotlight because of a graphic sex tape made with her then boyfriend, actor/raper Ray J.

Now that’s the kind of girl you’d bring home to mom.


0 thoughts on “Reggie Bush: A New Breed of Competition

  1. thats crap.shes a bad person whos in it for the money. thats to bad for reggie but he could do better than her.

  2. she’s just a hose beast

    the kind of the girl that Reggie would NOT bring home to mother

    (but probably fun to take a ride on or two)

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