Preseason Top 25 Roundup

As the college football preseason magazines come out and the websites assemble their preseason lists, here’s a quick look at some of the higher profile college football preseason top 25 lists.

Lindy’s Athlon FoxSports AJC
1. USC 1. USC 1. USC 1. USC 1. USC
2. LSU 2. Texas 2. LSU 2. Michigan 2. West Virginia
3. Michigan 3. LSU 3. Texas 3. LSU 3. Oklahoma
4. West Virginia 4. Wisconsin 4. Florida
4. West Virginia 4. Ohio State 5. Texas 5. West Virginia 5. Wisconsin 5. Florida 5. Florida 6. Wisconsin 6. Florida 6. Ohio State 6. Ohio State 6. LSU 7. Tennessee 7. Oklahoma 7. Oklahoma 7. Virginia Tech 7. Texas 8. Virginia Tech 8. Michigan 8. Arkansas 8. Oklahoma 8. Michigan 9. Louisville 9. Virginia Tech 9. UCLA 9. Texas 9. Arkansas 10. Oklahoma 10. Rutgers 10. Michigan 10. Wisconsin 10. Virginia Tech 11. Florida 11. Cal 11. West Virginia 11. Louisville 11. Louisville 12. Cal 12. Ohio State 12. Georgia 12. Georgia 12. Wake Forest 13. Ohio State 13. Louisville 13. Virginia Tech 13. Nebraska 13. Wisconsin 14. Arkansas 14. Georgia Tech 14. Auburn 14. Auburn 14. Auburn 15. TCU 15. UCLA 15. Nebraska 15. Cal 15. Nebraska 16. Rutgers 16. Georgia 16. Tennessee 16. Arkansas 16. Georgia 17. Georgia 17. Penn State 17. Florida State 17. Tennessee 17. Tennessee 18. Texas A&M 18. Nebraska 18. Cal 18. Penn State 18. Rutgers 19. Hawaii 19. Hawaii 19. Boston College 19. Rutgers 19. South Carolina 20. Wake Forest 20. Tennessee 20. Texas A&M 20. Florida State 20. Florida State 21. Florida State 21. Auburn 21. Rutgers 21. Texas A&M 21. Notre Dame 22. UCLA 22. Oregon State 22. Georgia Tech 22. Notre Dame 22. Texas A&M 23. Auburn 23. Texas A&M 23. TCU 23. Hawaii 23. TCU 24. Boston College 24. Miami 24. Penn State 24. Boston College 24. Boise State 25. Nebraska 25. TCU 25. Oregon State 25. Clemson 25. Oklahoma St.

From the list above, here’s some things I think I think:

– What in the hell is going on with the UCLA rankings? Fox has them in the top 10, Athlon at number 15 and Lindy’s at number 22, while Rivals and the AJC don’t even have the Bruins ranked. That’s a pretty wide disparity. UCLA is the only team that cracked the top ten in one poll, that didn’t make it onto everybody’s top 25 list. For my part, I can’t get the FSU ass-whipping out of my mind. If UCLA intends to play the way they did last year (and I haven’t really seen enough to think that this year’s team would be better), then I think the Bruins are #24 or #25-ish projection, if they make the list at all.

– By the same token, what the hell with West Virginia? The ‘Eers are getting mucho amor in all the polls except Fox. WVU gets a #2, two #4s, a #5 and…. a #11 ranking? Who exactly is doing the Fox rankings? UCLA makes the Fox top ten and West Virginia can’t manage to crack it? Is there anyone (outside of UCLA homers) who doesn’t think WVU would hang half-a-hundred on the Bruins?! WVU got hosed in the Fox poll, plain and simple.

– My how the mighty have fallen. Notre Dame doesn’t make the Lindy, Athlon, or Fox pre-season top 25s… and I couldn’t agree more.

Put Rutgers in the “no one knows” category. The Scarlet Knights (and don’t forget to say they’re from New Jersey) are ranked as high as #10 (Athlon) and as low as #21 (Fox). I’m inclined to think that Rutgers may go the way of Biz Markie… another one hit wonder.

– Best unranked team – Although the crack the Rivals list (barely) the best unranked team in has to be Clemson. The Tigers have some transitions to make on both sides of the ball, but you can’t argue their talent level and team speed. Clemson is perfectly capable of landing in a BCS game this year as ACC champ (and that would be a hell of an accomplishment with strong VTech, awakening FSU, Georgia Tech, Boston College, and South Carolina on the schedule, plus an ACC championship game!)


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