Raiders Fever


Pete Carroll is very enthusiastic about the Oakland Raiders’ promise under new head coach Kiffin, reports Cam Inman of the Contra Coast Times. Before his NFL debut, Lane Kiffin worked under Carroll for five seasons with the Trojans, coaching tight ends and wide-receivers as well as being credited for recruiting some of the best collegiate talent in the country. Carroll stopped by the Oakland Raiders’ practice last Thursday and found promise in a team that face-planted with 2-14 record last season. With familiar Trojan players on Oakland’s roster like Darnell Bing, William Buchanon, Justin Fargas and Mike Williams, and with the number one draft pick JaMarcus Russell, the Raiders have the weapons to make some big improvements.

“That’s really exciting. And it should be exciting for everybody who loves the Raiders…He’s (Kiffin) got such a plan, such a philosophy that can generate that new sense of urgency and attention to detail, the stuff it takes when you’re trying to turn a program around,” Carroll said.


0 thoughts on “Raiders Fever

  1. USC BLOWS……
    What are possible majors for SC grads’?
    1.) alcoholic 2.) prison
    Notre Dame-28 USC-10

  2. USC Greats’…..
    OJ SIMPSON=Thug who killed his wife
    one can really see the academic strive that coach fag caroll has for his players….matt leinart’s 5th yr senior class….ballroom dancing
    ..well atleast it fits the queer’s personality

  3. yeah there’s a real school with real men… norte dame, and i mean that with a very sour taste period, mike come out the closet anything gay your on top of it. right your the gay police. folks find mike’s rebultes on all topics, bet he say gay or queer or fag in all of em trust me! dude don’t you have your “own” boy’s town where ever the the fuck your red-neck ass come from?

  4. uh on the issue concerning the ballroom dancing, despite the class selection (which as nothing to do with anything at all) he showed dedication, if anything. he decide to hold off on getting millions of dollars to come back and help his team and bring the franchise (something ND will never be, more like dynasty rather) a figurehead for years to come. that team was by far my favorite trojan squad, loaded with talent and seemed unstoppable. also while im talking about his academic selection, he decided to do something different, maybe it gave him better footwork in the pocket ha… maybe quinn should’ve tried that one out. and its not like after SC he went on to become a fucking teacher. he’s a quarterback. get over it, you bitter south bend pill, you. fight on.

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