Peyton Manning and John David Booty Throwing at Cromwell Field Together

Yes it’s true. Video proof.

Manning threw to USC wide receivers Patrick Turner, David Ausberry and Brandon Carswell along with tight ends Fred Davis and Anthony McCoy and tailback Joe McKnight.

Mr. Manning Comes To USC [Scott Wolf]

Kyle Bunch

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0 thoughts on “Peyton Manning and John David Booty Throwing at Cromwell Field Together

  1. How come a quaterback from USC has not yet to win a Super Bowl? Joe(NOTRE DAME)Montana has won three Super Bowls! What’s the problem USC?

  2. hey gerry adams. First of all, you’re an idiot. A USC QB will win the superbowl in time. And secondly, how come Notre Dame owns the record for consecutive bowl losses. Oh that’s right, because Notre Dame is garbage. In fact garbage is superior to Notre Dame. Not even Touch down Jesus can save your trash team.

    Get with the program. Notre Dame Sucks. Has for a decade…and continues to suck.

  3. hey! detrojan,you did not answer the question, why a quaterback from USC has yet to win a Super Bowl? Why can’t you give an answer? I guess you can’t due to the lack of manhood on your part. Hey,detrojan(notice the small caps) did you wear a skirt will you were in prison? In addition,what’s it like to be sold to someone for a pack of smokes…..Notre Dame Rules and SC drools Mutha F*@#%*!

  4. detrojan,can you see the intentional mistake in my postings? probably not. by the way troy has three super bowl rings and joe theisman has one. still no rings for an sc qb. by the way is brian cushing your masturbation material?

  5. Adams, to quote Nietzche, “there’s nothing worse than aggressive stupidity.” It’s pathetic that you have to go back to the Montana era to brag about ND’s glory years. Can’t point to anything of note under Weis? I understand. Here’s what ND has accomplished in the era of the Fat Man: zero bowl wins, zero wins over USC, zero national championships. In other words, a big FAT zero. Every year for the past nine, ND has taken a big steamy dump in a bowl game. Even your recruiting sucks compared to USC’s. Now I know you’re embarrassed for the Irish and you’ve obviously got a stiff one for the Trojans, but don’t hate us because you guys have become irrelevant in college football. Accept your current state of mediocrity and take your annual beating by the Trojans with a little grace and dignity. It’ll go down easier.

  6. dear trojans reign, you are right there is nothing worse then aggressive stupidity. my god can you tell me what o.j. was thinking? speaking of mediocrity,maybe you can tell me why a qb from sc has not won a superbowl? by the way trojans reign is another way of saying “hitler youth.”

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