Live Scrimmage No. 3

Welcome to the final scrimmage, where even Mitch Mustain is a team captain. And fans are restricted to one side of the stadium. Once again, we are brought to you by Roman Meal, the official bread of Peter Caesar Carroll.
And after an offsides penalty, Chauncey Washington goes 63 yards on the first play before being pushed out by Marshall Jones at the 1 (Not the first-team defense). Washington scores on the next play.
The white team, with Mike McDonald at quarterback, comes out and completes a 14-yard pass to Brandon Carswell. Allen Bradford then shows the No. 1 defense has some weak moments by gaining 30 yards down to the 31. After an incompletion, McDonald throws a 10-yard pass to Carswell. After Carswell false starts, Bradford gains 2.
The defense is woefully offsides on an anticipated blitz on the next play and Bradford gains 1 for 3rd and 8 at the 18. Bradford drops a pass but walk-on Joe Houston kicks a 35-yard field goal to make it 7-3.
Ronald Johnson takes the kickoff 43 yards (against scout team) before Houston tackles him, providing the odd sight of a guy in a cardinal jersey tackling a guy in the identical color kit.
John David Booty comes out with a 19-yard pass to Stanley Havili before Jones nearly intercepts his next pass. Booty then throws a 9-yard pass to Vidal Hazelton. Booty then throws to David Ausberry who plunges in for a 16-yard TD. It’s 14-3 before about 12,000. That means it will be announced as 20,000.
It’s the end of the first quarter already. Garrett Green drops a pass on the first play of the second quarter then Alfred Rowe is underthrown deep. He’s a fullback for those of you who are not Internet geeks. Bradford gains 6 on third-and-10. Who’s calling the plays? Lane Kiffin.
The walk-on punt team gets demolished as Billy O’Malley’s punt is blocked by Thomas Williams and Kaluka Maiava picks it up and runs 9 yards for a TD. It’s now 21-3.
McDonald throws two incomplete passes to Sean Calcagnie and a third INC to Carswell. Time to punt.
Another big play. Stafon Johnson goes 67 yards before he too gets tackled at the 1. Johnson then scores. So long doghouse. It’s now 28-3 with 7:50 left in the first half.
McDonald, who is 3 for 10, finds Garrett Green for 11, then dumps off to Bradford for 7 yards. Bradford gains a yard and Carswell makes a nice grab on Terrell Thomas for a first down. Bradford again on a 1-yard pass and then an incomplete pass before McDonald throws another pass away under pressure.
Red team back. Desmond Reed gains a yard and Fred Davis drops Booty’s pass. Booty then throws into the back of tight end Anthony McCoy and the first team gets to finally punt.
So far, we nominate Brandon Carswell for unsung hero doing noble work on the second (or third) team. Honorable mention to Allen Bradford, who is getting every carry and just about every pass play right now.
The next series is not worth describing, other than a sack that causes McDonald to lose 9. But wait, Stafon Johnson fumbles the punt return and Rhett Ellison recovers and returns to the 22. Hope for the white team!
McDonald completes an 8-yard pass to Scott Stephens and Bradford goes 8 on a draw play down to the 5. There are only 9 seconds left.
McDonald throws a 6-yard TD pass to Garrett Green with 3 seconds left. Cary Harris defending so it’s Notre Dame High teammates against each other. Halftime score: Cardinal 28, White 10.
Stat time: Mike McDonalld 8-19, 68 yards, 1 TD, 3 drops.
John David Booty 3-6, 44 yards, 1 TD, 1 drop.
Mitch Mustain finally arrives and throws a 12-yard pass to Garrett Green on his first attempt. Under pressure, he is nearly intercepted by Kevin Ellison on his second pass. Time to punt.
Washington appears to hurt his shoulder on a run as he comes off the field favoring his right shoulder. Thomas Williams injured his left ankle.
The first team now has Stafon Johnson playing tailback. We’re distracted by Washington’s injury but Booty threw an 11-yarder to Fred Davis, 16 yards to Ausberry, two passes to Adam Goodman and Stafon Johnson ran 14 yards for a TD. It’s 35-10. End of third quarter.
USC is running out of backs and Rowe gains two for the reserves. No Aaron Corp yet. Mustain goes deep but it’s underthrown for Carswell. Punt time. Washington, Joe McKnight, C.J. Gable and Hershel Dennis are all standing on the sidelines injured. Plus Marc Tyler.
Corp in and his first pass is deflected. Desmond Reed playing extensively and Corp completes passes to Ronald Johnson and David Ausberry to reach the 7-yard line. Hazelton then makes a pretty catch of an underthrown pass for a touchdown. It’s 42-10, as Corp played for the Cardinal team. Scrimmage over. Too many injuries.

Kyle Bunch

Partnerships for R/GA Ventures. Raised in California, adopted by Texas. Opinions expressed here are mine and they are fantastic.

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