Wet USC Song Girls

(Photo by TrojanWes)

From a recent weekend in Lake Tahoe. More images on the WeAreSC.com board.

What’s better than a Song Girl? [WeAreSC.com]


5 thoughts on “Wet USC Song Girls

  1. Oofta. I’m not a USC fan, but rather a lowly Stanford fan. I just have to say, those song girls have extreme 100% bona-fide crackhead butterfaces. Seriously…are you sure you didn’t ship them overnight straight from Stanford and dress them in USC sweaters? The legs are looking good, though.

  2. hI Trojan fans,Steve is bringing in texas coach and players that’s not good!? The south is eating your lunch and supper!? Recruit some white guy s this is discriminatory!? Too much of a useless thing is not a good thing?????????

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