OJ Simpson: One Crazy A$$H@LE

OJ has never been camera-shy. Image from ABC.net/au

And the crazy A$$hole of the year award goes to…drum roll please…OJ SIMPSON! The AP has just reported that the FBI knew of the Juice’s plans to rob a sports collector in Las Vegas as much as three weeks in advance. But that’s not the crazy part. According to the report, Dealer Thomas Riccio who was working in cahoots with Simpson, told FBI agents that Simpson wanted to televise the operation as he confronted the collector in a Vegas hotel room. The man wanted to record his crimes for a national audience.

This is beyond “If I did it…“. This is “Yeah I’m doing it. Watch me to it. I’m unstoppable crazy-ass OJ.” Maybe the guilt for killing his ex-wife’s finally catching up with him, because it seems like he is trying as hard as humanly possible to secure himself a prison sentence.

Oh yeah. Just in case you’re wondering, the FBI failed to mention to the Las Vegas police department of Simpson’s maniacal scheme. Might of been nice to give them a little heads up, but guess it just slipped their minds.


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