USC Song Girl, OSU Beaver Exposed

Trojan Cheerleaders.jpg
Trojan Cheerleaders take the field. Image from

With their short skirts and tight white sweaters, the classy USC Cheerleaders and Song Girls rank among the best in the nation. They are a champion caliber squad that truly complement their mighty Trojan football team.

The Oregon State Cheerleaders, however, are another matter all together. And as the home-coming game with Oregon State approaches, keep a close eye out for this one. And when you see her, please cover your childrens’ eyes. Because as you’ll see inside, this OSU cheerleader beaver is fully exposed.

USC Cheerleader and OSU Cheerleader Beaver.jpg
Images Parodied from

Which girl would you take home to mother? You were expecting, maybe, something else? We’re a family oriented web-site folks. Get your minds out of the gutter. Fight On!



9 thoughts on “USC Song Girl, OSU Beaver Exposed

  1. I would like to meet a cheerleader, i am Colombian, a hot one and would like to make a triplets to one of them like in the picture with the USC. Where i need to go, where i find her phone number or email?

    There I goooo….

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