TNYC Oregon State Review


Gotta love our defense, here’s the review:

Positive – Defensive Pressure

  • The defense brought the pressure and Sean Canfield ended up being sacked 9 times.  The game-plan was an easy call to make considering the questionable status of OSU’s star all-purpose back, Yvenson Bernard, and the immobility and poor decision-making skills of Sean Canfield, but that doesn’t take away from the execution of the defense itself.

Negative – Non-Existent 2nd Half Offense

  • Our drives in the 2nd half:

1st Drive – 4 and out
2nd Drive – 3 and out
3rd Drive – 3 and out
4th Drive – 3 and out
5th Drive – 7 and out
6th Drive – 5 and end of the game

Simply pathetic.  The inconsistency of our offense continues to be the bane of this team. 

Player of the Game – The Entire Defense

  • Tempting to give it to a player like Everson Griffen, but the defense played solid as a unit.  For example, after Everson’s 1st sack, it was Thomas Williams who had a nice pass break-up across the middle which helped set up 3rd and long giving Everson the green light to blow outside and get to Sean Canfield once again.  Sequences of plays like the one just mentioned happened throughout the game and therefore the entire defense should be awarded. 

Play of the Game – JDB to Patrick Turner for 13 Yard TD

  • PT threw some nice stutter steps off the line gaining a step on Brandon Hughes up the sideline; JDB then threw a nice pass over the top of Brandon and into the fully extended arms of PT.  Nice throw and catch.

Final Thoughts – Defense Against Cal

  • Watching how this defense responded to the more free and loose defensive game-plan on Saturday gives me hope that the same type of pressure will be brought against Cal and Nate Longshore.  Of course it will need to be tightened against Cal’s explosive players, but the key to this game will be making Nate feel uncomfortable in the pocket and forcing him to try and make plays on the run.  Our safeties need to come up big this week not only in support against Hawkins/Jackson, but also in being active and waiting to capitalize on errant throws.   

Should be a tough game this Saturday.  It doesn’t matter that Cal has been playing mediocre the past few weeks, they will wake up for this game and our defense will need to step up big to help out, once again, our struggling offense.  Hopefully JDB can get in-sync with the receivers this week…

Kyle Bunch

Partnerships for R/GA Ventures. Raised in California, adopted by Texas. Opinions expressed here are mine and they are fantastic.

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